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Lesportsac Happy 25th Anniversary! 2013 Spring/Summer Preview

Lesportsac Japan will be celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary by releasing 3 designs of 2013 Spring/Summer mook (magazine book) on 28th February 2013. These bags are such a cutie! It is measuring at W25.5×H16.5×D10cm. Not very big which is quite normal for all the Japanese magazines or mook. There’s a limitation with the space that they can fold and stuff the bag in the magazine.

Here’s how the 3 designs looked like.

Style #1 
My favorite of all three. Most probably I will be picking up this.

Lesportsact 25th Anniversary_4
Lesportsac 25th Anniversary_5

Clarins Info LeSportsac Snidel Tsumori Chisato

Passport Holder / Multicase Everyday Use

Ever since I got to know about passport holder or multicase freebies from japanese magazine, I’m hooked. It is such a useful pouch to bring along in the handbag or for a short trip to the grocery store or even a drink at the mamak stall. To me this is like a easy-to-grab second wallet as I store all the junk i.e. receipts, cards, small notes and even coins in the case.

Passport holder / multicases that I own at the moment.

As requested by Fennie (Clarins Jusco 1U Counter Manager) this post will be a simple example on how to use passport holder in everyday life. Reason on why she requested me to blog about it is because she said most of Clarins Club Beauté member gave a sigh when they received this year’s birthday gift which is the passport holder which is also the same that I received in September (read here) whereas I’m happily using it and showing it to her last week.

In my collection there’s 3 types of multicase. First type is the all-round zip multicase like below. I own 2 of these. One is Tsumori Chisato and another is Snidel. Snidel is much more softer and thinner material than Tsumori Chisato one. Both has a pen slot, passport slot and card slots. However Snidel is without coin compartment.

The second type is wallet-like multicase. This can also be used as a wallet. But I have a good Marc by Marc Jacob wallet now so this shall remain as multicase for me. I only own 1 of this type which is LeSportsac.

Third type is the book-like multicase which doesn’t have any zip. In my collection I have one with a rubber band and the other one is without anything. One is of course from Clarins and the other one is from BMW which is much more smaller.

There is no law written on how to use a passport holder besides holding your passport. You can freely use it any other way that you want. Just ignore the word “passport holder”. I don’t travel much with passport so this is practically useless for me if I hold on to the word “passport holder” right?

In today’s post I’m going to use Clarins passport holder / multicase as an example. This is also a case which I’m currently carrying in my handbag 🙂

Clarins passport holder / multicase comes in a cute print on a white background front and back. The material is thick canvas with some padding and the edges is lined with striking red piping. I called this type of case as “book-like” simply because it opens like a book and it doesn’t have any zip around. No zip? I heard some of you ask. Fret not. Your things will not falls out as it came with a rubber band. Simply pull the band to the back and voilà! I’m a lazy person and normally I want to be able to quickly stuck my hand in my bag and pull out a card from this multicase therefore I chose not to use the rubber band and leave it as it is.

Inside of the passport holder is a striking red and white checkered cloth lining with striking red piping. This is the simplest passport holder I own. The slot where you insert your passport is not netted material like those given out in japanese magazine. It comes in a transparent material. On the right side is card slots. Clarins kept it simple with this too whereas it’s only 3 card slots available and there’s a piece of transparent plastic covering the card slots. At the bottom is another transparent slot which you could put your coins. Alright. This is WHEN you travel. What if you don’t travel with passport much like me? Will this case ended up in the junk box? Well, the answer is no. Read on.

Not many know passport holder / multicase is very useful in our everyday life or even in our handbag. Previously I kept all my credit card receipts in my wallet together with all my credit cards, business cards and so much more making my wallet a huge, fat, heavy like a whale! Now I store unnecessary cards such as membership cards, credit card receipt and business cards in this multicase. I utilize the slot which was meant for passport to store my credit card receipts and the coin slots to store my business cards. The card slots is used to store my membership cards and shopping cards. Sometimes I even put two to three cards in a slot. Isn’t this wonderful? Now my wallet is a happy wallet 🙂

Lastly, an example of a multicase usage which is with a pen slot.

I hope Clarins Club Beauté member can get some idea from this post. If you still sigh for getting such a cute passport holder for 2011 birthday gift, you can give it to me! Ehehehe. Have fun exploring on what you can do with your passport holder / multicase.

Japanese Magazine LeSportsac Mook Review: Magazine Tsumori Chisato

Japanese e-MOOK

e-Mook in another word magazine + book or fashion magazine plus freebies or the japanese would prefer it to be called “brand item”. This is how japanese magazine is sold nowadays. Without this “brand item”, the sales dropped badly. Most of the brand item supplemented in japanese magazine are branded like Agnes. B, Cher, Anna Sui, Coach, Tsumori Chisato and many more.
I must be the last person on earth to find out about this a month ago *slap forehead*. I first started to find out about this when I do my usual checking on “Coach” in eBay Malaysia. Normally when I type the word Coach and all the items will popped out. On this unusual day, I saw something rather different. Its Coach Poppy clear cosmetic bag from August 2010 “With” magazine. Then I started googling and boy I was swept off my feet! Not by a guy but by all this!
I made my way to Kinokuniya KLCC during my lunch time on Tuesday and I was disappointed as I didn’t found what I wanted but after a few browsing, I decided to buy Tsumori Chisato 2010-11 Autumn & Winter Collection 20th Anniversary mook which comes with “special tote bag”. The mook is selling at RM66.70 and 20% discount is applicable if you purchase another item at any value on the same day and receipt. Then I saw the LeSportsac 2010 Spring & Summer mook which is still available! The mook is selling at RM66.70 as well and it’s without 20% PWP discount. But I need to reconsider. I just returned to my ex-company and I’m still earning just plain basic which is barely enough. To make things worse…my car insurance, road tax, car service, medical card is all due on the same week of the same month =( I was struggling with the angel and devil of myself and I decided not to buy anything. I was happy and proud of myself with the decision as I walked out of the shop. Of course I couldn’t stop thinking of mook. With the extra day off of holiday, I told mum that I wanted to go KLCC to buy the mook I wanted. If its still available, means its fated to be mine. To my suprise, Tsumori Chisato and LeSportsac is still available! I wasn’t suprise Tsumori Chisato is still available….I was more suprise at LeSportsac which is still available. Its barely touched at all since Tuesday which other mook is all sold out especially the Loewe tote.
Well, here’s my first mook purchase 🙂
The tote was badly sewn and the worse is there’s a hole poked at the zipper and the zipper was in bad shape. So I returned to Kinokuniya and got an exchange. I suspect they gave me the one displayed instead of opening a new one and the CS denied it. I kept quiet as the replacement was way better than the one I bought.

Tsumori Chisato 2010-11 Autumn & Winter Collection 20th Anniversary

The tote features

I actually thought I’d be more satisfied with the lovely tote due to the reviews from other blogs compare with LeSportsac but I was actually happy with my LeSportsac pouch. The workmanship was superb and worth the price which is just a fraction from the store.

Comes in 3 different design; 35th Avenue, Robin Egg Dot & Black Glitter

35th Avenue

Robin Egg Dot

Black Glitter

And of course being the girly girl me, I bought Robin Egg Dot.

Can be a sling bag as well!