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Longchamp LM Metal

Another parcel arrived via PosLaju late evening yesterday. It was so late that I gave up waiting until I called up PosLaju centre and they confirmed with me that the parcel will definitely be sent on the same evening.

This is my first Longchamp bag! I decided not to get Le Pliage as it’s too common. My choice would be Planètes medium short handle in black but I couldn’t get it at the price I want so I made a brave decision to get Longchamp LM metal.

The bag was in HP monitor box which was just the right size for the bag.

Seller put “Fragile” sticker all around the box for more security. Just in case the despatch centre suddenly pile up boxes on top of this.

Upon opening the closure flap, I saw piles of bubble wrap on the top and bottom of the bag. The bag was also wrapped in another plastic.

Seller put in a PS on the plastic bag that was wrapping the bag. It says “Pls Don’t Fold. Thanks!”. That was because I told the seller not to fold the bag too much.

The bag was wrapped in another paper layer before wrapping with a plastic bag. That was layer no 4565325 lol.

Here’s the bag!!

Longchamp LM is the short for Longchamp Maroquinerie. The material is coated canvas and the leather trim is made from cowhide leather. The one I bought is Medium Short Handle in Steel.