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Hair Care - Styling Product Lucidol-L Review: Hair Care

Review: My Secret to a Wavy Bouncy Hair with Lucidol-L Designing Pump Hair Jelly (Bouncy Wave)

Reader Joey recently emailed me asking about what styling product I’m using for my hair. I’ve gone through 5 bottles of it and Joey’s email reminded me to review it.

Everyone who had their hair perm before will tell you that it takes time and effort to maintain it. I don’t agree. It takes me just less than 5 minutes to style my hair and in today’s review I’m going to reveal to you my secret and that includes how I do it in a fast and easy way.

Oh just so you know..I don’t wake up with this hair. I woke up with loose and fluffy hair. How do I ended up with this hair?

The secret weapon is this. Lucidol-L Designing Pump Hair Jelly (Bouncy Wave) which I bought from Watsons for RM16.50. There’s a few type for you to choose. I like my hair to have that dry-look and wavy so I chose Bouncy Wave. I don’t like my hair to look wet like how other styling product gives you. At the beginning I only bought this to try. If it gives me that wet look then I need to ditch it and hunt for a new product again. Little that I know this is exactly what I was looking for.

After I wash my hair every night, I’ll just apply this product by section to my damp hair and air-dry. Of course it’ll look nice but it’s not going to be so after you wakes up the next morning.