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Authentic vs Fake Beauty Tool Ecotools Info Make Up - Beauty Tools Special Feature

How to check if your Ecotools brush set is fake?

Disclaimer: This post will be a long post with lots of pictures. It may and will contain vulgar words. Do not read on if you feel offended.

I am so damn pissed off since yesterday night that I couldn’t sleep. I make sure I get off bed early today just to blog about this. From the post title you could have guessed that it has something to do with Ecotools brushes. This will be a long post because I need to condemn the idiot seller who self-proclaimed herself as someone who “studied law” (dear seller, do you even know who am I???), I need to show you the authentic vs fake Ecotools as well as my conversation with the stupid cum idiot seller who is trying to twist and turn things because she thought I’m stupid too! Good try stupid seller!

Exactly on Tuesday I ordered a 5-pc and 6-pc brush set from a seller in LYN who contacted me earlier in Dec’11 upon seeing my “what to find” forum post. This seller’s ID is sharon1604. She replied promptly but coldly and I made my payment immediately after confirming what there is needed to be confirmed. The next thing you know. She went poof. I pm-ed her again the next morning thinking my parcel is already packed, ready to be sent out but instead she replied she will send the next day. WTF?? So this is the 3rd warning alarm that this seller is not authentic. The next day she still haven’t pm me the delivery status and provide me my parcel tracking number so I pm-ed her again on the status. Still no reply I pm-ed her again. She didn’t bother to reply anything even. I could see her last online time and she did went online for a few times. She just didn’t bother to reply my message. Alright. This is the 4th warning alarm that there’s something not right about this seller. I told my mum to keep an eye on the PosLaju man and if there’s no parcel arriving, I’m gonna screw her upside down. As she have another selling thread, I post to that thread and she immediately she pm-ed me. Maybe that’s her “rice bowl” thread so she replied my pm-ed. Twice. My mum called me in the evening saying the parcel arrived. Okay. I have 2 concern at the beginning; is the seller a cheater, is the brush set authentic? By that time I have one less concern and I have one big concern on the authenticity.

Make Up - Beauty Tools Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up The Face Shop

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyebrow 02 Grey Brown & Eyebrow Trimmer

I dropped by The Face Shop The Curve to get replenish 2 items and after paying for my purchase, I was handed a cute package by the BA. Instead of giving me their usual milky-colour plastic bag, they gave me my purchase items wrapped in a clear The Face Shop bag. I thought that this is good an easy to carry in handbag.

I bought Lovely Me:Ex Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown & Eyebrow Trimmer

Comparison of the new eyebrow trimmer with their previous version. The set of two is selling at RM9.90

Blade comparison upclose. As you can see, the new version blade is so much bigger than previous version!

Lovely Me: Ex Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown aka medium brown. I love their dark brown which I used previously but somehow recently it appears so much darker on my brow that I decided to try their medium brown.

The lead look as dark as their dark brown though. A bit disappointed.

Swatches. I drew 2 version if you notice. One is dark and another one is lighter version. I’m surprised the colour just glide on smoothly.

Doll Lash Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up Watsons

Review: Doll Lash Eyelash Curler

At last I ditched my ELF eyelash curler! I was about to buy Shu Uemura or MAC eyelash curler as those two have the best review. But I managed to find a far better affordable brand for Asian eyes.

Doll Lash is another brand under Empro from Korea. Their eyelash curler is retailing at RM19.80 and I got it at RM17.80 after 10% discount at Watsons a few weeks ago. I have read reviews that their eyelash curler shape is made to suit Asian eyes. At that point of time I have high hope on this curler and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s a short review 🙂

Simple and sweet packaging. I always love pink.

Back of the packaging.

Up-close at the description behind the packaging.

The curler out from the box. Looks like it’s standing “kangkang” right? *lol*. This is a powerful curler. Don’t let the look deceive you.

When I say the curler is powerful, I really do mean it. I never had to not curl hard. This curler is so powerful that you only need a gentle press. Just a gentle one. Here is the picture to prove it.

My naked eyes with uncurl lashes.

Here is my lashes after just one gentle curl!

And here is my lashes after applying just a coat of Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo.

My Personal Review:-
Price is much more affordable compared with Shu Uemura. I think due to the design of the curler, you need not to press all the way. Just a gentle press will do the magic. If you press too hard, there’ll be a funny square curl. I see no breakage of eyelash from using this curler. Too bad there’s no extra refill included. Repurchase of this curler will be needed after some time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.