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Make Up - Eyes Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up Sisley

Sisley Phyto-Eye Twist and Phyto-Lip Twist: Foolproof Beautiful Makeup in a Jiffy

Sisley Phyto-Eye and Lip
A lot of us are not aware that Sisley has been present in Malaysia for quite some time. I remember when I first started dipping my toes in beauty blogging, Maybank credit card was kind enough to have a few sampling exercise. It was not just any ordinary sachet sample redemption but what I get was a whole complete deluxe size trial kit in a pouch worth RM150, if I’m not mistaken. This generous redemption happened not just once but two to three times! 😀 . That is how I got to know the brand Sisley. I had a good first impression on the brand as the beauty advisor did not hard-sell their products during the redemption. Usually brand like this attracts me more to ask and fiddle with the products.

Fast forward to four years later, today, Sisley Malaysia had its first ever blogger get-together two months ago. It was a good one as we get to see, smell, and trial some Sisley skincare products as well as their makeup. Specifically the Phyto-Eye Twist and Phyto-Lip Twist. I have been wearing these two product frequently. It is fast and easy to use makeup products.

Make Up - Eyes Make Up Tips & Tutorial Mary Kay Review: Make Up

Mary Kay Into The Garden Color Compact for Spring 2016 + Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

Mary Kay Into The Garden Color Compact 1
Did you notice all the pretty and cute collection for Spring 2016? The one I was not aware of until being told to Google for photos is none other than Mary Kay Into The Garden Color Compact, which I am going to talk about today.

For Spring 2016, Mary Kay is all about the inspiration captured from warm sunshine, fresh flowers, beautiful blooms and lush greens. Thus born the all-NEW Limited Edition Mary Kay® Into the Garden™ Collection. The entire collection is in collboration with fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi.

Bourjois Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Bourjois Brow Design Brow Mascara: The 4th routine product for eyebrows on fleek

Most people I know find drawing eyebrows are a dreadful thing to do. Me on the the other hand are obsessed with drawing eyebrows. Maybe because my eyebrows are has very little hair and sparse that I find fixing them are therapeutic. I spend quite some time with my brows everyday before leaving the house. I may appear to have eyebrows on fleek to most of you but in reality it takes a lot of effort. When it comes to eyebrows, I hold on to three rules – a good eyebrow pencil, a good brush, and skills of course. Now it’s four as I have added Bourjois Brow Design Brow Mascara into my eyebrow routine 😀

Bourjois Brow Design
Brow mascara is getting more and more in trend these days. Last time you hardly can find any and now? Almost every single brand has at least one. Bourjois is not new in this brow mascara bandwagon. In fact they already had one selling at Watsons and at their store called Mascara A Sourcils Eyebrow Mascara.

Hermo L'Oréal Make Up - Eyes Make Up - Face Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up

L’Oreal Tint Caresse: The 1st lip gradation pen for eyes, lips, and cheeks

I love bizarre beauty products. Bizarre in the sense that it is something unique or never seen before in the beauty scene, and something that looks like ordinary but gives you the wow impression. And I especially love products that are not available in Malaysia. It gives me a sense of uniqueness of owning something that is not easily available here. The fact is, there is this product from L’Oreal that is available in that I am not aware of until last week. L’Oreal Tint Caresse is available exclusively at and to make the exclusivity even more exclusive, Tint Caresse is ONLY available for 2 weeks. Say what?

L'Oreal Tint Caresse
L’Oreal Tint Caresse is the 1st lip gradation pen that are inflused with tints from the most refined blend of precious flowers. It comes with an applicator with soft cushion tip which also works well in blending in color on the lips for the most natural ombre effect instantly. This is not my first time seeing such soft cushion tip design as I have used something similar for the eyes from Anna Sui before. But Anna Sui one was a pain to use so let’s not get into there.

Bourjois Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine: Instant push up lashes with volume, length and curl

Mascara is my cheat way to not using eyeliner. I believe most people cannot leave the house without any eyeliner, however I am the opposite. I would be gladly to skip eyeliner and yet I cannot live without mascara. I find mascara to be easier to apply especially when I am in the rush comparing to eyeliner. When you are in the rush, eyeliner can go very wrong 😛

Bourjois has a few pretty interesting mascara. And just recently they came out with Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine, which goes well hand in hand or on it’s own. Let me rephrase. These two goes superbly well together. So why separate them right? 😉

Bourjois Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Mascara and Lash Machine

Budget - Make Up Budget Buy CATRICE Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

CATRICE Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette: A hit and miss budget-friendly rose-nude palette

CATRICE is my most favourite drugstore brand. Most of the products are below RM20 and some are not even over RM30. When it’s on sale at Guardian, everything is from less than RM10 to less than RM20. Super affordable and good.

A few months ago, CATRICE brought in a few new Absolute eyeshadow palette namely Absolute Rose, Absolute Bright, and Absolute Matt (this one I’m not sure). Within the Absolute family, I am more attracted to the rose-nude shades of Absolute Rose as it reminds me of Urban Decay Naked 3 😀 . I have been tracking Absolute Rose palette down for a while and later on spotted them on 30% discount a month ago at Guardian KLCC.

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette
The palette is originally priced at RM26.90. Even without discount, it is still a pretty decent and affordable eyeshadow palette to get. I wouldn’t worry if I’m you. CATRICE products are constantly on sale, either 15% OFF or 30% OFF (sometimes) so don’t worry if you’d miss out the sale. I just happened to bumped into some crazy sale happening at Guardian where all cosmetics are on 30% discount. In the end, I only paid RM18.85 for this. Score!