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China Glaze Make Up - Nail Polish Review: Make Up

Review: China Glaze Nail Lacquer #194 Fifth Avenue

Hello & happy Saturday! Weekend is here which means my 1 week holiday is coming to an end very soon :(. I’ve been very busy this week attending events and personal matters and today I wanna share with you a pretty nail polish from China Glaze by the name of Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue is a creamy, thick and smooth polish. It’s thick but not gluely at all. The color is darker in real but my camera fail to capture the color. Urrrgghhh!


Fifth Avenue is in China Glaze’s core collection so you can buy this from Isetan KLCC or Isetan 1 Utama for the price of RM42. China Glaze has the most interesting wide color selection in my opinion  and each and every color stands outs. I choose to put on Fifth Avenue for this week as the mauve-rose color is suitable for all occasion and more work-friendly. Plus it’s my favorite color even for lipstick!

Make Up - Nail Polish OPI Review: Make Up

Review: Getting Glittery Glitz with O.P.I Nicki Minaj #Save Me

After getting myself to the OPI craze thanks to the two minis (Pink Friday & Fly) which I received in my Vanity Trove February subscription, I bought a retail size bottle of Save Me from the same collection. I bought this bottle for RM26 only from eBay along with a bottle of Seche Vite Top Coat for just RM18.

Save Me is something which I’ve been craving for the longest time. I finally took some time to search online and placed my order as soon as I found the cheapest seller. I know what you’re thinking. How could it be authentic for the price I paid right? Don’t worry. I’ve double check and it’s really authentic. Maybe next time I’m gonna do a Authentic vs Fake post for OPI eh?

The minute I saw Save Me upclose, my heart skipped a beat as it’s so gorgeous and glittery too.


This label on the bottom of the bottle is very important to determine the authenticity of the brand. I won’t elaborate in detail. Do look out for upcoming Authentic vs Fake post ya 😉

Make Up - Nail Polish OPI Review: Make Up

Review: As Fierce as Nicki with O.P.I Nicki Minaj #Pink Friday

Can you believe that my first OPI nail polish is this OPI Mini from Nicki Minaj Spring 2012 Collection. I’ve gotten Pink Friday and Fly from my February Vanity Trove subscription a few months back. As I was rocking Pink Friday last week, I thought I might share with you what I think about my very first OPI!

OPI Nicki Minaj #Pink Friday is as loud and fierce looking as Nicki herself! Her OPI collection pretty much resemble her taste in fashion. Which is superb as I love her style very much. I love all colors in her collection and I was thinking to get the whole mini collection 🙂


The color looked totally perfect on anyone at first glance. Even when I take a closer look at the nail polish, I still think anyone can rock this color. I totally forgotten that Pink Friday is bubble pink creme and not those usual pink that I used to wear.

Make Up - Nail Polish Max Factor Review: Make Up

Review: Max Factor Nailfinity #733 Rose Petal

It’s double review today! Yeay!

In today’s second review I’m gonna share with you a nail polish which is really good that I have to share out. You know I’m not a nail polish person and I haven’t done any nail polish review although I do have them and I do apply to my toe nail eh eh eh. My new found nail polish is Max Factor Nailfinity #733 Rose Petal which I hauled from last week’s Isetan Anniversary Cosmetic & Fragrance Fair in Lot 10. This nail polish is purpleish and not pink like what the name “Rose Petal” suggest. Weird enough the nail polish appear pinkish in my picture and not purple.


Max Factor Nailfinity #733 Rose Petal seems to be a bit of a dull light purple at first but upon application the color turns to a slight matte and boy it looked so darn good on my nails! Although looking matte it’s actually not matte at all. You can still feel the nail polish usual smoothness. This nail polish doesn’t have sparkles on it therefore removing it would be much more easier.