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iHerb JASON Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover: A quick, easy and convenient way in removing eye makeup

In my quest of searching for the best, fastest and most convenient eye makeup remover, I often stumble upon YouTubers talking about eye makeup remover pads and how it worked so well on them. One particular brand that was highly talk about is Almay, which unfortunately none of the online store ship to Malaysia except for I don’t think I have the will in me to wait for one and a half month though.

iHerb is a place that I often turned to for my “international brand” fix. Although iHerb does not carry Almay products but I managed to find something equally good, if not better. There are two brands available in iHerb carrying eye makeup remover pads. I chose JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover because the other brand kept receiving comments about the pads being a bit dry.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover
I received JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover not too long ago. It came without any box and worse, without any proper wrapping around it. I also couldn’t find any manufacturing date or expiry date printed on the jar. I must say, it is worrying to me not being able to tell if someone had open the jar before and if the product is still good to use. I believe they are but there wasn’t any hard evidence to back it up.

Bioderma Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: Getting the hang of the whole micellar water craze

Being someone who started using cleansing milk and cleansing oil to remove makeup, I can never quite get cleansing water. How could I? A full day worth of makeup, dirt and sebum are thoroughly removed at the end of the day with my usual remover product so there wasn’t any need to change to something milder that is mostly just water.

Despite how I feel about cleansing water and after reading all the raving reviews online, Bioderma has become something that I wanted to get my hands on for the longest time. It is not available in Malaysia directly although I nearly bought from an online seller at one point of time. You have no idea how happy I am when I found out Isetan KLCC brought in Bioderma since March 2014 and I think I was among the first to notice it from Isetan Newsletter, rushed over and got my hands on my first ever Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I am a late bloomer in this new bandwagon but hey, it’s better late than never eh? 😀

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Overall, there are three types of Bioderma micelle solution available namely Sensibio H2O (red cap) for Sensitive Skin, Sébium H2O (green cap) for Combination or Oily Skin and Hydrabio H2O (blue cap) for Sensitive Dehydrated Skin. I chose Sensibio H2O because that is the best seller among three and the BA also highly recommend Sensibio for me.

Cyber Colors Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

Review: Cyber Colors X Filip Pagowski Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Purifying Cleansing Oil (Grapefruit)

No fancy schmancy title today. The product name is already this long so I wouldn’t want to burden you girls reading a super lengthy title 😀 .

What you are about to read below is exciting. Isn’t the cute design already draw your attention? This Cyber Colors X Filip Pagowski collaboration is actually the first for Cyber Colors and they launched their debut collaboration with renowned Comme des Garcons graphic artist, Filip Pagowski. If you Google Filip Pagowski you will find yourself ogling at his uber cool website. He is one of the most sought-after artist on the fashion scene today.

Cyber Colors X Filip Pagowski 1
Cyber Colors X Filip Pagowski collaboration is themed as “Open Your Eyes”. It is a limited edition collection which include two of Cyber Colors best-seller products, Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Purifying Cleansing Oil (Grapefruit).

Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Corine de Farme Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

Review: Corine de Farme Micellar Make-Up Remover Lotion, You Don’t Have To Travel To France To Buy A French Product

Micellar make-up remover seems like the talk of the town these days. My very first encounter with Micellar make-up remover is when I’m still in my teen. I walked up to Guardian Mid Valley and purchase a whole lot of Avéne skin care. Among all the deluxe samples that I was given, Micellar Lotion Cleanser & Make-Up Remover is one of it. I was told a 20cent coin size on a cotton pad is all I need to remove the whole face’s make-up. No need to top up, no need to repeat the removing process. Just one cotton pad will do. I never find that seems to work for me even when I have the lightest base make-up on but, I did returned to purchase a full size bottle as I find the whole “water” make-up remover thing something interesting.

Corine de Farme Micellar Make-Up Remover Lotion 1
Based on my earlier experience story, you can already tell that I’m not a fan of micellar make-up remover. It has been quite a good few years that I didn’t bother to look at this type of make-up remover in the market. So when Corine de Farme brought in their star product – Micellar Make-Up Remover Lotion and told me to try it, I was a bit hesitated. I don’t understand one thing. Of all product why would their Micellar Make-Up Remover Lotion the main attraction and not other skin care? That got me thinking.

Budget - Make Up Budget Buy Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up SENKA

Review: SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil, Your After-Party Best Friend This Festive Season. Ho ho ho!

With the price hike creeping in bit by bit recently, it is understandable to have the need to source for a cheaper but good alternative on daily fast moving consumer goods. I like to treat myself with nothing but the best when it comes to beauty products. I also like to splurge even on makeup removers although I know it’s a bit waste but hey it’s my face at the end of the day :D.

Year end holiday season is my favourite time of the year. All the tiring gift set hoarding shopping, all the dinners and parties to attend to…it is important to have a good but quick and efficient makeup remover that are able to do a good job in stripping off all the makeup and impurities before hitting the sack.

SENKA offers a wide efficient range of fast, hassle-free and fun cleansing products that are able to fulfill the needs of a busy and beauty conscious women.

SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil
When I said wide range of cleansing product, I really do mean so. SENKA offers the perfect five best friends that will suit different need and preference. These five best friends are Perfect Whip, Perfect Liquid, Perfect Gel, Perfect Watery Oil and Perfect Oil. I won’t be reviewing all five but I will be sharing with you SENKA’s two totally different type and texture makeup removers.

DHC Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleansing Bar

Review: A Complete Double Cleansing Ritual with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap

I’m sure we all know that we should always double cleanse especially when we have makeup on. I have always been an avid cleansing milk user. I am not a great fan of cleansing oil until I discover a pretty good one a few months ago and the rest is history. You can say that I’m sort of neglecting cleansing milk at the moment as I’m still pretty hooked on to cleansing oil 😀

There is one teeny weeny problem with cleansing oil. It always leave a trail of oil after rinsing. I have friends telling me that some brand sting their eyes as they are also using cleansing oil to remove their eye makeup. I never had that because I always believe in using a separate eye makeup remover for the eye 🙂

I’m also sure that you have heard about the brand DHC right? This brand is the #1 direct skincare company in Japan and it is exclusively available only at Watsons store. I had the rare opportunity to try out the highly raved Deep Cleansing Oil together with Mild Soap as Double Cleansing Ritual recently. Let’s just say it totally changed my mind on cleansing oil since then.