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The Best Concealer: And it’s your foundation!

We have all been through the pain of choosing the right foundation or foundation shade. Now that you’ve found your perfect foundation, what’s next? You find yourself in need to find a concealer shade for blemish or spot concealing to match the new foundation. So the hunt begins again. There is no such thing as perfect concealer shade that matches your foundation shade. Perhaps you are lucky, then yes. Otherwise mixing a two or more shade helps. Other than that, you keep praying 😀

The Best Concealer
I started using concealer just a shy two years ago where I only sleep for 4 hours. I have no issue with finding a concealer for my under eyes concealing as I always use a light shade to conceal and brighten at the same time. Yes I do the large triangle thingamajig on my under eyes 🙂 . Then I started to get cray cray over flawless foundation face and so I’m into spot concealing, except that mine wasn’t really spot (ain’t got patience for that!) but more of an “area” concealing. But let’s just call it blemish concealing 😛

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6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3

You are reading this 6 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 3 because yes, I am still very much into watching YouTube and discovering interesting YouTubers to follow. My routine every morning with a cup of coffee is to click on each and every channel listed in my 20 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels and 10 Must-Watch YouTube Beauty Channels – Part 2. Why only six YouTube channels this time? I didn’t want the title to be a repentance i.e. 10 or 20 so I decided to talk about six YouTubers instead 🙂 . And, these six YouTubers happened to be my current favourite channel to stalk 😀

(1) Jaclyn Hill

YouTube Channel –
Blog –

Jaclyn Hill is HUGE in YouTube. I have no idea why I did not know about this last time but it’s not too late. Jaclyn Hill recently collaborated with Becca Cosmetics for her own highlighter named Champaign Pop. It is the best-seller highlighter so far and constantly sold out. She is affiliated with Morphe for Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette (which is currently out of stock as well), Gerard Cosmetics for two lipsticks (Buttercup and 1995) and two lip glosses (Rose Hill and Buttercream), which she no longer want to be associated anymore, an up-coming eyeshadow palette with Makeup Geek, and her own makeup line, which will be named as Jaclyn Hill Collection.

Jaclyn Hill YouTube

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Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review + Step-by-Step Soft Cut Crease Tutorial

This year I have not been utterly excited with any new or upcoming makeup except for the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette. Whenever I am at Sephora, I always stopped by Smashbox shelf to look and swatch the Full Exposure Palette. Now, this is something I don’t do as I’m not into neutral shade eyeshadow palette and somehow I was attracted to Full Exposure Palette as many YouTubers are raving for it. I was still pretty much in awe with it until Smashbox Malaysia telling me somewhere last year that there will be a new palette coming and that is the Double Exposure Palette. One of my favourite YouTuber Shaaanxo reviewed the palette and when I saw the shades on the palette, I was sold there and then. It is definitely not an all-neutral palette and there are a wider selection of light fleshy shades with purple and blue within the palette, which is right down my alley 😀

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette
The Smashbox Double Exposure Palette is a 14 shadows versatile palette that transforms into 28 as this palette are specially designed to be used dry or wet. This latest innovation is all about mixing it up.

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3 Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps That You Should Do

There are so many ways to deep cleanse dirty makeup brushes. I’ve tried various types of washing methods, cleanser, scrubbing medium i.e. rubber mat, brush egg and so on. However a few months ago I stumbled upon a video from a well-known YouTuber in the UK on how she wash her makeup brushes. There is one particular tip I picked up from her and I’ve been practising since then. Alongside with that, I tweaked a little bit of the way I wash all makeup brushes and it gets the job done in a much faster rate. Here are my 3 makeup brush deep cleansing steps you should do to get rid of dirts and grimes easily. Do take note that these steps are not rocket science. It’s just something that some of us tend to avoid doing for various reasons 🙂

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps

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Estée Lauder 3 Minute Beauty with Bobby Wang: Kendall Jenner Inspired Ultra-Chic Look

Estée Lauder’s 3 Minute Beauty Technique was created by Mrs. Estée Lauder herself as she once said “Three minutes is all beauty should ever take”. With the principle that every women can be beautiful in mind, this instantly refreshed, quick and easy beauty routine is a complimentary service that are currently being offered to everyone over the counter.

3 Minute Beauty techniques focuses on three parts of the face; brows, eyes and lips to define as well as accentuating these features. The best thing about these techniques is that it can be used on its own or you can even combined it, bringing it to a whole new level of glamorous look. Bobby Wang; Estée Lauder Asia Pacific Regional Make-Up Artist was in town last week to show and share with us his tips and tricks of combining the 3 Minute Beauty Techniques with Kendall Jenner inspired ultra-chic look makeup and the latest technique in achieving sky high cheekbone.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 1
Kendall Jenner is the current IT girl and one of the highly sought model at the moment. She represent modern beauty and that is one of the criteria that Estée Lauder are looking for as the brand signed Kendall as the latest face of Estée Lauder. Kendall’s makeup always look effortlessly flawless and every girl want to replicate her makeup at home. So, who else better to do “steal her look” other than Kendall Jenner eh?

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How to apply pencil eyeliner in 3-different ways

I’ve never been a fan of any pencil eyeliner at all. I gave up on pencil eyeliner a few years ago after wasting money on countless brands that never fail to smudge on me. Ever since I started watching YouTube, I notice that quite a number of beauty guru prefer pencil eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. It is understandable due to skin type and weather differences. So why are you reading this if I’ve given up on pencil eyeliner, eh? The story goes like this. I went back to work not too long ago and since it’s a different office environment, I no longer have the privilege to do my makeup in the office. So I have to rush everything in the morning and doing a precise eyeliner using a liquid pen is too time consuming for me especially when I’m doing my makeup in a dark room.

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite pencil eyeliners, tips, tricks and three different application method that you can master too.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
I have oily lid so kohl or normal pencil eyeliner will not work on my lid. The only two brands and type that I find doesn’t smudge on me are Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes. I bought these from their 2014 holiday collection but fret not, these are permanent so you can get it from Sephora anytime.