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Make Up Tips – How To Draw A Perfect Eyebrow

Ever since I started beauty blogging seriously last year (it used to be just a diary for self ya know) and posting my not-so-pretty picture in the blog I received quite a few compliments on my eyebrow. Emmy of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia complimented on my eyebrow too during the Benefit Raising Eyebrows Book Launch & Brow-Shaping Masterclass event. Last month I was asked to do a post on how I draw my eyebrow so here I am now. This post is meant to be up a few weeks ago but I’ve forgotten about it lol.

First thing first…disclaimer. I must stress again that this is just my own method on how I draw my eyebrow. I am no makeup guru. This post is meant as a sharing only. Before I start you ought to know that I had eyebrow embroidery nearly 10 years ago. It was the best thing that happen to me. I guess my brow stylist is quite good that my brow looked natural and people actually thought I drew them myself. I “recolor” my brow twice after that. The last time I did that was 6 years ago. How time flies. I haven’t want to recolor my brow now because I cannot stay away from human being for 1 week. Why 1 week? Well the embroidery is done thicker than the actual brow size itself. After it is done the brow will look exactly like Crayon Shin-Chan. The skin will drop off naturally in 1 week time. For me it’s 2 weeks. The color of my current embroidery has faded and gone thinner. So I’ve been drawing and shaping myself all this while. And now people actually thought I just had brow embroidery! Totally the opposite lol.

I never follow any guide or diagram before until I attended Benefit Brow-Shaping Masterclass only I learnt that there’s 3 important step that I should know. Nonetheless even without following the 3-steps all these while I still managed to draw a perfect eyebrow as per what the steps should be. I’ll prove to you later.

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Make Up Tips – Pencil Eyeliner as Base; Perfect for Everyday Wear

Since CNY is just around the corner and I’m already on leave so I thought I’d wake up earlier to do this makeup tips post. I have been wanting to post this up months ago but just didn’t have the time. This is a tips from Adrian Sin; Burberry and RMK Beauty Trainer which I picked up at RMK makeover last year. It is simple and yet useful and versatile for everyday wear that I’ve been implementing to my daily makeup myself.

Before I start I must mention a disclaimer in advance as I know some of you can be quite judgmental and harsh. I’m no makeup expert, this is a tips that I picked up personally from a makeup guru which I think is worth to be share to you guys as I had the privilege to meet and had my makeup done by Adrian not once but twice. And during numerous encounter with Adrian I managed to get some pointers, tips and tricks from him.


I’m not going to talk about prep-ing your face with skin care or base makeup. I assume you guys are expert now. I’m just going to jump directly to the main topic which is using pencil eyeliner as eye makeup base.

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Make Up Tips – Mistake Proof Two Tone Eyeshadow

A different tips post today. In today’s tips sharing I wanted to share with you a secret of mine when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Before I start…DISCLAIMER time. Please take note this is just an old method that I’ve been using for my own self which I think is useful to be share out. It may or may not be your liking so don’t judge me 😛

Back to topic. Have you ever wonder how to do that perfect extended eyeshadow? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Below is a step by step pictorial and guide on how I normally do my two tone extended eyeshadow. It’s a lil trick that I picked up some time ago and has been practicing it since then. This mistake proof secret is the reason that I’m willing to do my eyeshadow every morning 🙂

It’s also a good time to review this Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow palette GWP that was given to me during one of my purchases a few months ago. I’m going to use only 3 colors from the palette as numbered below.

First thing first, apply your usual eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid. In my case I’m using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion #Original (UDPP). I normally apply slightly more on the crease cause even with UDPP, eyeshadow still smudge on me.