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ZA Dramatic Eye Color & Mandom Cleansing Express

I was feeling desperate to get a new favourite eyeshadow palette lately. I’m tired with my same o’ shinny goldish green look. I used to be very excited every morning when I do my make up. Maybe at that time my Majolica Majorca Trick-On Eyeshadow Palette (GR750) is still new? Another reason to assure myself to spend is that I realize it’s running low. I’m beginning to see a crater forming at khaki green and pinky beige.

You most probably won’t see the crater from this picture. 

My first intention was to get another Majolica Majorca but I couldn’t decide on the colour that I want. I have blue in my mind and I remember reading some review on one of the pink palette. But it wasn’t as shimmer as my GR750 so I’ll pass. I won’t buy eyeshadow which is not shimmery heeee. Then I saw this. This is half the price of Majolica Majorca and its very shimmery.

ZA Dramatic Eye Color in Blue (RM23.90)

After I opened the packaging only I realise there’s a reflective sticker in front which can act as a mirror! The casing is in light pink and its transparent. It’s well made and not cheap plastic at all.

Closer view on the colours available in the palette.

And…the “mirror” is also on the inside of the palette! *Happy*. Oh ya. The applicator is also included and its in pink. I love pink.

My eye makeup remover is also running low so I grab another bottle of Cleansing Express Eye Makeup Remover (RM26.90). This is my 2nd bottle and its quite good. I’d wanna try their makeup remover after I finish my Avene.