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Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact

I snatched a copy of Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 issue immediately at Kinokuniya last weekend after seeing that the magazine comes with a rather interesting brand item. I have a thing for compact powder so this is just what I wanted! It comes with either a Skin79 Crystal Finish Pact or Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact. Unfortunately I didn’t get the one I want 🙁 but it’s okay.

Marie Claire Taiwan January 2012 X Skin 79 Crystal Finish Pact

Brand item is included in this special packaging. I like this because we get a clearer picture of what we are getting rather than just a small blurp on the front cover.

Tadaaa! Here’s the compact. I like the packaging although it’s very bulky.

And I even love that the sponge included is at another separate compartment!

Nice right? I haven’t start using this. But I do see some shimmers. This compact is something which I never own before. The expiry date is this year so it’s not recommended to stock up on this.

Clinelle English Magazine Marie Claire Magazine Review: Magazine

Marie Claire August 2011 X Clinelle 4-pc Travel Kit

Picked up Marie Claire August 2011 issue which comes with a Clinelle Travel Kit! This offer is only applicable for outlets in Klang Valley.

Marie Claire August 2011 – RM7 comes with Clinelle Travel Kit.

The 4-pc travel kit comes in a transparent pouch.

This travel kit comes with:-
1) Deep Cleansing Gel 20ml (expiry Oct 2011)
2) Purifying Toner 30ml (expiry Jun 2012)
3) Eye Bright 3ml (expiry May 2012)
4) Moisture Glow 20ml (expiry Aug 2012)

Worth to buy? I would say yes! It’s a complete skincare set from cleansing, toner, eye care to face care.

Other sets available
a) Men’s Health –  Clinelle Starter Kit (Dehydrated Skin)
b) Seventeen Malaysia – Clinelle Compact Powder
c) Her World – Clinelle UV Defence SPF28

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Marie Claire April 2011 X Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm

Last Thursday I dropped by Kinokuniya KLCC during lunch time to pick up a reserved japanese magazine which I decided not to buy it in the end (opps! sorry!) and I picked up this instead. The funny part is my sales rep, Karen picked up the same magazine at 1 Utama! What a coincident.

Marie Claire April 2011 issue comes with a Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm worth RM18. The magazine cost is only RM7. The main reason for me to get this is because of the unique packaging. I wanna check out what other magazine is doing with their creative buy ideas. I think what Marie Claire did is really brilliant. I love their recycle bag idea!

Here’s the creative buy. The front view.

The back view.

Supplement blurp on front cover. A huge one.

The lipbalm is glued onto a small white cardboard which was glued to their full page advert. Ok. This part looks ugly. I wouldn’t do that. Basically the lipbalm is stuck out and you can actually feel the lipbalm from outside. The reason is they don’t want to make the magazine bulky so they just stuck it like that.

The lipbalm included. There was 5 flavour and I have gotten Passion Fruit flavour.

The part which I always like. The seal on the cap. You need to twist the cap to break the seal. After I broke the seal, I tore off the excess.

The lipbalm is milky white colour and very hard. I don’t like the texture and I don’t like the smell. The lipbalm makes my lips whitish like a ghost haha. I wouldn’t wear it out alone though. So I only apply this before I go to sleep. I still prefer Hada Labo’s Lip Moisturizer which I wore all the time even with my lipstick or lip gloss as the base.

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Marie Claire Malaysia December 2010 X Peugeot 2011 Planner

Marie Claire Malaysia December 2010 issue comes with a Peugeot 2011 Planner. I decided to buy this not because I’m that crazy with diary or planner but because Peugeot is one of my client and I need to see the brand item for research.

This is rather an unusual collaboration for a female kinda magazine with a car manufacturer in the automotive industry. Peugeot would normally decline spending money on non-related projects! I’m gonna cekik them lol.

Marie Claire December 2010 X Peugeot 2011 Planner.

There’s no blurp on front cover unlike japanese magazines. So here’s the planner.

This planner is mainly to showcase most of their new car launched just this year. The 207 is launched just less than 2 months ago and no suprise this is the first picture.

Unusual stuff you see in a planner. I found different “10 things…” on each month.

Monthly planner.

Appointments planner.

Last but not least, notes.

The planner content is very complete I must say. This better serve as a planner in the handbag as it’s very small and convenient to put in handbag and carry around.