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Garnier Marula Oil Rant Simple

My First Severe Skin Allergy + A Bit of Rambling

2 weeks ago on a Friday I decided to try a BB cream that is highly raved from almost every corner in the world. Been reading so many good review on this so I finally got it. I had bought this 2 weeks earlier and I think it’s time to put this to a test and do a review on it. I put this on around 8am and just before I step out for lunch I had a slight itch and burning sensation on my forehead. I thought I was just feeling hot so I didn’t pay much attention to it. After lunch I took a look in the mirror and I can see that my forehead swell up a bit and the texture is uneven. I guess that’s what people called as “bee hive” which will only happen if you have allergy. I am fortunate to have the type of skin that I can slap on anything so I have not had this before and I was clueless. By the time I got off work I couldn’t stand the increasing itch on my face. After I reached home and removed my makeup my mum commented that I was looking pink. By night time I can see that I turned to red and my face is slightly hot when I touch it. Then I knew something is not right. I didn’t apply any skin care that night. But my face was so itchy that I applied Clinique Moisture Surge on because the gel cools my face down. I couldn’t sleep properly that night as it started to get painful. I remember waking up at 3am to look at the mirror. I guess I was hoping that everything will be okay after a sleep but I was wrong. I was still quite red as before and this time my face is swollen. The next morning I woke up with burning hot, maroon color, itchy and painful face. When I looked into the mirror I was horrified. My entire face was so burning red and I was a few tone darker. My face swelled up quite a lot too. I looked like I had severe sun burn. By 9am I rushed to the nearest skin specialist clinic bringing along the said BB cream. Doctor confirmed that I had severe skin allergy and it’s quite bad judging from the fact that I only had the BB cream in less than 9 hours. I was so worried that it’s going to be a permanent damage as my neighbor had the same thing too and it’s permanent for her. Doctor said it is not but will take a longer time to recover so I need to bear going out with this face for some time. I kept asking the doctor if it’s going to be permanent for several more time before leaving the clinic. I was prescribed with anti-itch med for morning and a different one for night as well as a face cream. The culprit? It’s the famous Garnier BB Cream. Hell yeah.

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Marula Oil Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Oil Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Wrinkle / Fine Lines

Review: Marula Oil; The Purest Facial Oil From The Leakey Collection

First of all sorry for the super late review post that I was suppose to post up earlier. I was piled with lots of backlog last month and I’m glad I can finally get to my precious Marula Oil review now. Hope it’s not too late!

Last month I attended the Malaysia launch and did a brand introduction post on Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection. I also helped with inviting a few of my blogger friends to attend this exclusive and intimate launch. Hope you’ve been reading that previously as I’m not going to elaborate deeply into how, what and why but instead I’m going to review the product after using it for more than a month now.

Marula Oil is an East African product long-renowned for it’s superb anti-aging and healing properties. It is wild-harvested from marula nuts in East Africa and cold-pressed to retain it’s full goodness. Did you know that a 54 kilos of marula nut is needed to produce into this 50ml bottle? Now you know. Marula Oil is different from any other beauty oil that you’ve heard for example argan oil. It contain more oleic acids and antioxidants than grapeseed or organ oil.

Each bottle is packaged in a paper box securely. The inner lid with a hole tucked on the top cap of the bottle so that the bottle is not able to move that easily in the box. The shelf life of the product is 3 years. Once opened it is recommended to finish the bottle within 6 months.

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Brand Introduction + Blogger Launch: Marula Oil – The Leakey Collection

Happy Monday girls! I’m away on an eco-camp today but I’ve not forgotten about you. Here’s another new brand introduction that as launched not more than 2 weeks ago. Be back real soon. *Hugs*

I believe everyone had heard of Argan Oil before but have you heard about Marula Oil? The word “oil” triggers my interest level to the maximum because I’m an avid user and firm believer in facial oil. When May from Newage Sdn Bhd contacted me about this new product blogger launch and that she needed my help to gather my blogger friends, I jumped right in.

The new product that I was talking about is Marula Oil – The Leakey Collection. It has only been in the market since January 2012 and it’s now in Malaysia.

So what is Marula Oil? Marula Oil is an East African product long-renowned for it’s superb anti-aging and healing properties. It’s the first and a part of The Leakey Collection.

The blogger launch is held at Delicious Mid Valley. It’s a small intimate group of bloggers gathered to meet Katy and Philip Leakey who’s the Founder of Leakey Collection; a lifestyle company focusing on fair trader enterprises. The company deal directly with the Maasai community to ensure that they are reimbursed in full for their work. The company created thousand of job, empowering the African communities they work with as well as encourage economic savviness and independence among the local women who are traditionally viewed as non-breadwinners.

Featured Marula Oil

I’m Featured in Marula Oil Website

More than a week ago Katy and Philip Leakey met up with a few bloggers on their “miracle oil” called Marula Oil here in Malaysia. Personally I’m obsessed with facial oil so I was pumped up and excited the whole session 🙂

Yesterday we are featured in Marula website! I was mentioned in the article too that I’m proponent about facial oil. So true.

For the full article you can visit I will post up the brand introduction of Marula Oil as well as product review soon after that.

Stay tune.