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Review: Wholesome-ly Natural with Mekhala Tamarind Facial Cleanser

Not many people know this but I used to own a car forum (which the name I choose not to disclose) and the theme of the forum is hornet. I remembered I had headache thinking of an online name and I came up with QueenBee! Makes perfect sense…the forum theme is hornet and I’m the owner of the hive :). Throughout the years I collected numerous bee merchandize and recently I went through my stash for this review. I thought bee candle looked nicer than fresh tamarind heee!

Mekhala Singapore is kind enough to send me their Tamarind Facial Cleanser to try last week. I was pretty excited as I absolutely love skin care and cleanser is something I always stock up. There is a quest in me to discover and try as many cleanser as I can and that include brands that are not available here in Malaysia.


Mekhala has its origins as a line of custom-blended body oils created for the Mekhala Health Retreat 5 years ago. With burgeoning demand from the Retreat’s wealthy corporate clientele, the brand quickly grew into a range of spa essentials, food and home products. Created based on time-tested secrets of health and beauty, 3 Mekhala’s unique range of Organic Food and Natural Spa Products nourishes the body from inside out to help you achieve total wellness. All products are free of artificial flavours, colours, chemicals, fragrances and preservatives that can harm the body’s delicate balance.

Mekhala Tamarind Facial Cleanser is a soothing facial cleanser that removes even waterproof make up. True to its brand mission of mindfulness and healthfulness, the Tamarind Facial Cleanser comprises 100% natural ingredients that are as effective as they are gentle.

At one glance of the tube, Tamarind Facial Cleanser consists of Organic Tamarind and Honey as the main ingredient. Tamarind is rich in antioxidant that protect skin against the signs of aging. Honey on the other hand lead it’s natural ability to attract and maintain moisture. It also contain mild natural acids that gently exfoliate dead cells for brighter complexion and Vitamin E so that the skin feels softer and more supple immediately after washing.