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Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush: For a faster, poreless, smooth, streak-free application

Ever since MAC came out with Masterclass brushes, I want one. And when Artis Brush came out with similar brushes, I want the whole set! What set me back was the price. The hefty price tag that does not justify the purchase at all especially when USD conversation is off the chart now. When I saw one at Etude House a few months ago, I was overjoy. But RM100+ for a brush still does not make sense to me. Not when I have so many new brushes yet to be used at home.

Now, this Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush is unexpected. Every other bloggers told me they knew about this brush as they did some research on MISSHA before going over to the store opening. I of course just charge ahead to the store with no googling 😛 . I was among the first few to arrive early to the store and the brush shelf was facing the registration counter. After registering myself, they first thing I browse at was none other than makeup brushes. I scanned row by row from top to bottom and guess what I saw? A familiar looking “toothbrush” alike brush! And the price is so reasonable. Like RM55 reasonable! I bagged it of course.

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 1
I did not practise what I preach with this brush. I did not wash the brush prior before using lol. I was too excited to start using. Oh boy. I have not had such excitement with beauty products for so long. So I kind of forgive myself this time round 😛 . Don’t do what I did girls. ALWAYS wash your new makeup brushes, let them dry properly before using 😉

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Missha, Korea’s leading brand for cosmetics and skincare products re-enter Malaysia market

When I was invited over to the new Missha store opening at Sunway Pyramid, I agreed immediately after checking my event calendar. The calendar shows that I am available but what I had forgotten was I am available because I am going to Thailand. After the email was sent out only I remember I will be at Thailand. The excitement Missha gave me makes me forget about everything else. Can’t blame me. I used to buy Missha a lot 10 years ago with the help of an air stewardess. So imagine how shocked and happy I was when I read the email that Missha reentered Malaysia market. My trip to Thailand was postponed and I happily went for the store opening.

Missha Sunway Pyramid 1
Missha’s first store is at Sunway Pyramid. I know what you are thinking. Why Sunway Pyramid? Why so far? I asked the owner of the distributorship for Missha Malaysia and he said Sunway Pyramid is actually the center of Korean beauty. You know what? I have to agree with him. The mall really has all the Korean beauty brands under one roof. Where else better than to open your first flagship store but Sunway Pyramid right? 😛

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Althea Korea: One-stop K-Beauty online store shopping experience and my haul

I’m pretty sure what I’m going to talk about today is not something new to you. You might have already heard, been told, seen, and even shopped personally at Althea Korea. Althea Korea made its debut appearance in the Malaysia beauty scene 2 months ago. Almost everyone I know has been asking me if I knew or tried shopping at the new online store and they want to know what I think before they place their order. You see, my friends sometimes treat me as the “experimental” type of person when it comes to online shopping. I have no idea what they are afraid of. Not like the online store will bite 😀 😀

I’m not going to torture you with my whole shopping experience first so here is my haul from Althea Korea. I know you are curious with what I got 😉

Althea Korea Haul
Now that you have already seen briefly of my overall haul, let me tell you what I think.

Make Up - Face MISSHA Review: Make Up

Review: MISSHA M Perfect Cover B.B Cream SPF 42 PA+++, The World’s Best Seller BB Cream That Give Full Coverage and Excellent Oil Control

Anyone notice that for a brief while we have MISSHA in Malaysia but later on closed down outlet by outlet? That was a few years ago. Boy how time flies. Before I even knew the existence of MISSHA in Malaysia, I have been buying MISSHA online from a seller. This seller is an air stewardess that flew to Korea very often. At that time I only bought MISSHA skin care from her. Never cosmetics. I wasn’t into cosmetic at that time. Seller was very generous with samples even if I only bought one bottle of emulsion. I remember that I accumulated a few M Perfect Cover B.B Cream sachet from numerous purchase. This M Perfect Cover B.B Cream was also my very first encounter with BB Cream and I love it. I never have the chance to purchase a full size because she increased her price, postage and eventually slow down with her selling activities. So when I was offered a M Perfect Cover B.B Cream for review, I jumped right in.

So girls, meet my first BB Cream love – MISSHA M Perfect Cover B.B Cream SPF 42 PA+++.

MISSHA M Perfect Cover B.B Cream SPF 42 PA+++ comes in two shades – No. 21 Light Beige and No. 23 Natural Beige. I can’t remember which sample I tried before so I decided to choose No. 21 as most BB Cream and foundation turns 2 shades darker on me as my face gets oily. It’s easier for me to tone down the BB Cream light cast than lightening up darker shade face 😀