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Tips: How To Achieve a Soft and Smooth Heels

Oh man. I seems to be hit by one problem follow by another one and another one. Not sure if you ever heard about this myth before, I used to hear about people getting cracked heels from wearing strappy high heels often. Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve been wearing strappy high heels all my life. Nope. I don’t find my foot to be drier than usual nor do I suffer any cracked heels. Then I develop a new profound love for pumps so I stopped wearing strappy high heels. But because I have rather large foot, narrow pump hurt my toes a lot. So once in a while I take a breather or rather a break from pump to strappy high heels.

A few months ago I notice that my foot is rather err…ugly, dry and cracked. I asked my mum if this is cracked heels and mum said “oh yeah, that’s certainly cracked heels”. I panicked, then I make my brain work overtime for a home solution. Lucky for me, I have the tools at home, tried one very simple solution and it works well on me. Here’s my version of achieving a soft and smooth heels.

Tips Soft and Smooth Heels 1

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA Special Edition Christmas Box December 2013 Edition Review. Exiting Beauty Box Industry With A Bang

As most of you are aware, MIVVA has decided to ceased it’s beauty box subscription service and focus on their online store It’s hard to bid goodbye to one of the best and favourite beauty box among local subscribers but I have nothing but good wishes for the girls. They have my understanding and full support 😀

So. What best to make a grand exit if not with Christmas box eh? The MIVVA Special Edition Christmas Box December 2013 Edition would be the best and the last. This time round, the box is in limited quantities so they didn’t send any to bloggers. It’s like I have a sixth sense or something because I redeemed one box using my points. I wouldn’t want to remember MIVVA without it’s last box.

MIVVA Special Edition Christmas Box 1
In this MIVVA Special Edition Christmas Box December 2013 Edition, there’s four full size, five sample and one small gift.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 Edition Review

Time for a review on one of my favourite beauty box’s latest edition – MIVVA “BFF Sleepover Kit” November 2013 🙂

Just a day before MIVVA send out the November edition, the girls at MIVVA posted a sneak peek of the content while they were doing the usual monthly packing. I was able to roughly guessed the content although the picture wasn’t a close up shot. I saw a tube and knew that’s full size and it looked like a cleanser and I certainly can see the nail polish as well as the sheet mask clearly. I wasn’t able to figure out what’s the white and pink tube was and the brands but the content looked interesting.

The next day I checked Instagram and was a bit put off because most of the picture uploaded by subscribers who had received their box wasn’t a close shot either! Urrggghh! I returned home after work and saw my parcel on my bed. Without any delay, as fast as a lightning…I ripped through the PosLaju courier plastic for the awaited surprise. The excitement was hyped up further as mum was standing next to me eagerly waiting to find out as well 😀

This was indeed a surprise.

MIVVA BFF Sleepover Kit 1
I like how MIVVA put a theme on their monthly box. November 2013 edition’s theme is “BFF Sleepover Kit”. The theme is basically self-explanatory so I’m not going further into the theme. The products in each box are more or less have something to do with the theme.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA “Snow White” October 2013 Edition Review

Tell you a silly story. Actually this MIVVA “Snow White” October 2013 Edition came to me by surprise. I didn’t know I’m getting a box this month because usually mine arrived the same time with everyone else. So when everyone already received theirs, I thought I’m not getting any. But I wasn’t sad or anything. I already knew that MIVVA have a lot of bloggers under their review wings. In fact I was happy to hear other fellow blogger friend whom never received MIVVA, received theirs for review 😀

One day. Just this one fine day. I came home to a parcel on my bed. I was actually happy that the girls didn’t forget me LOL! So this month’s “Snow White” edition really took me by surprise. I had this excitement of receiving beauty box all over again. Let’s see what’s in this MIVVA “Snow White” October 2013 Edition shall we? Ready?

MIVVA Snow White1
I don’t know how other girls can photograph the whole box looking so full but I always like a clean look so I took away the black paper on the inside therefore it might looked a bit empty but actually it’s not really :D. For MIVVA I only expect one thing – diversity of new brand and product.

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” September 2013 Edition Review

This month’s MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” Box was delivered out slightly late than their usual shipment day. It was nerve wrecking for me in so many ways as I ordered three boxes for my friends.

Earlier of the month just before the shipment, I was contacted by MIVVA to fill in a survey form as this month’s box will contain contact lens. I thought it was thoughtful of them to ask me before sending out. But at the same time my mind started to go wild on whether three of my friends who will receive a box from me are contact lens user. The day finally came. I was at work while my complimentary box was sent to home address so I do a quick Instagram check on the content of the box. I told you earlier that it was nerve wrecking for me as three of my friends worked in a top beauty company. I need the box to look good. I’ll tell you what they think at the end of this post 🙂

So here’s the content of MIVVA “Glow Gizmo” September 2013 Edition in a glance.

A quick summary on the content. To be frank, I’m not hating this month’s box but it’s way too many sachet 🙁

Beauty Box Review MIVVA Beauty Box

One Fragrant MIVVA “Flower Power” August 2013 Edition Review

This has got to be the most heavily fragrant beauty box I ever received so far.

If you are a MIVVA subscriber, you will receive a sneak peek newsletter from the team. Although the sneak peek doesn’t reveal much but based on the theme “Flower Power” and the product in general that will be included, I already knew that I will like it. I tried asking for first hand news from the girls, and boy they sure can keep a secret. Mission failed :(. I got to hang on for a few more days for the box to arrive.

As expected, MIVVA never fail me. So far they are the most creative beauty box of all. I said so many times before that I like to see brand or product diversity in a beauty box and only MIVVA has done it. Some people tell me the brands they get is weird. Heck, that’s not weird. That is DIVERSITY. Who doesn’t like to receive “weird” stuff? I do. At least it’s something that is different from retail store don’t you think so?