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Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box & Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit: Useful for small nitty-gritty, doesn’t store a lot of bigger stuff

When Muji came around, everyone went crazy over their acrylic especially the drawer box. Beauty enthusiasts all over the world raved about it and I’m sure you can find millions of review, blog, video and organization tips photos of it on the net. Me on the other hand was feeling meh over their acrylic box. I’m not liking the fact that it is clear and you can see everything from the outside. Plus I’m not keen with all the finger prints or makeup residue prints on these clear box.

As you know, I’m kinda into glassware at the moment (yes still) so naturally I’m attracted to clear makeup organizer. One day, one of my long time reader Tiffany Tai PM-ed me on Facebook saying ‘found something, I think you will like it’ together with Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box and Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit photo, I thought she was just telling me that Muji has makeup organizer. But when she told me there is a 30% sale for both of it, I wanted to dash to Muji right away.

Muji Acrylic Drawer Box
I couldn’t remember how big or wide the Muji Acrylic Drawer Box is so I didn’t set any target to purchase it immediately. When I saw the size, I was relieved that it is quite huge but the drawer height is not as deep as I think it would be. Just 2.5cm. I took my time browsing, comparing and gave it a deep thought if I could ever fit my eyeshadow palettes in it. That’s what I needed it for.

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All The Stress Calls For A Sunday Retail Therapy

Sorry for the lack of update in the blog and Facebook recently. I am in the midst of buying a new car and selling off my current car all by myself which explains the mood swing, headache and chaos. It doesn’t help when JPJ changed all the buying and selling law again and again. All this is taking lots of my time. I hardly have time to sit down, what more photograph products and blog. Work on the other hand is not running as smoothly as I expected it to be. I have launched a new interactive automotive magazine app a few months ago and getting all the conventional car manufacturer to buy the totally new idea is really really tough. My bosses need to see profit right away and the reality is it won’t be that soon. I’m giving myself another two more months time and if all fails I will give in my resignation. Oh well. Life sucks at times. All this is so stressful and tough that I wanted to cry most of the time. I didn’t realized it’s that stress until I pull out one strand of white baby hair each day for the past few days. I don’t have any mood to even shop but this weekend I took time off from everything and drove out for a short shopping trip. Retail therapy is the best therapy of all time 🙂

Here’s what I came home with. I drove to two malls yesterday. Pavilion and KLCC.

Sunday Retail Therapy1