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Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. London ‘Judo Red: The one nail polish that got me love at first sight

Recently I went slightly obsessed with nail polish. I am not someone who is into nail polish before this. Even painting my own toe nails is such a chore to me. With my previous work requirement to look presentable and meeting corporate clients all the time, painting my nails is not something that I would even consider, unless it’s nude but I’m not into nude at that time 😀 . When I saw that Sephora brought in the Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. London, I got to have it. Firstly I’m a fan of Posh Spice from the Spice Girls and of course Victoria Beckham herself. Secondly, how can you resist such a beautiful shade! How can?

NailsInc Victoria Beckham Judo Red

Nails Inc. London, one of the top brand when it comes to nail polish collaborates with Victoria Beckham. Not just VB herself but also Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection. The Victoria, Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. London collection unveil a unique limited-edition duo of nail polish, which was inspired by the feel of Victoria Beckham’s collection and its subtle incorporation of Japanese elements. Interestingly, the collection only comes with two nail polish shades – Judo Red, a vibrant tomato red and Bamboo White, a delicate bone shade. These nail polishes are created with stretch-to-fit technology that ensure the polish to glide on perfectly, plump and flawless during application. Now get this. It is formulated with bamboo extract. Bamboo extract typically contain all the essential nutrients for healthy nails. It reduced ridges and imperfection as well as promote nail growth, provided you use it frequent enough 🙂