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Review: Neesya 3-Step Routine To A Brighter & Clearer Skin + Giveaway

Now, this Neesya 3-Step Routine review is something that I was looking forward to. By right it was suppose to go up before the first Neesya review I did a while ago. I am pretty excited about this one. Who doesn’t love a simple 3-step routine right? The different between both review is self explanatory. The one you are reading now focus on the basic 3-step skin care routine while the previous one focus on Neesya star products.

I know not many of you are into layering skin care like the Japanese or Korean. I am personally very much into skin care layering. If you are not, well good! Let me introduce you to a basic simple 3-Step Routine from Neesya.

Let me refresh your mind just a little bit on Neesya 😀

Neesya is a skin care brand developed and manufactured in Malaysia by Skinworkz Sdn Bhd, under the management of Chris Yong who is the CEO of the company. He is definitely one interesting and inspiring guy I ever met and talk to :). As you can see from the previous “after” picture, it is pretty obvious that I had benefited from the brightening and clarity effect from Neesya. I hope you will to!

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Neesya™ Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Masks Skin Care - Scrubs Skin Care - Whitening

Review: Luminous Skin That Shines from Within with Neesya 360° Overnight Radiance System

In my quest for skin care that are not only affordable but also deliver as per claim, I was introduced to a brand new skin care brand – Neesya which is one of Malaysia’s first skin radiance specialist brand. Yeap you heard me right :D. Neesya is a local brand, by a Malaysia company.

Neesya was launched just before middle of last month (July 2013) and I was one of the selected invitee. You can read this post for more of that. Not only did I went for the media launch and also a little visit to their new store at Subang Parade, I get to try 3 Neesya products a few weeks before that.

So how did my quest went? Let’s find out 😀

The trio that I tried is the 360° Overnight Radiance System that consists of Lumi°™ Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, LumiScience°™ Illuminating Essence and Lumi°™ Brightening Overnight Mask. So what’s up with the “Lumi” and “LumiScience” word in front of the product name you may ask? It’s actually the product range name 🙂


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Media Preview: Neesya™ Skincare Range of Beauty Products, Assuring Users Skin That Shines From Within In Just 14 Days

My understanding of Neesya started as far as a few months ago when my friend was looking for some bloggers for an upcoming skincare launch. Fast forward a little bit and I attended Neesya’s media launch held last week.

The company behind Neesya is Skinworkz Sdn Bhd. It is a 100% owned Malaysian company and Neesya Skincare Range of Beauty Products is Skinworkz first skincare and it is also Malaysia’s first skin radiance specialist brand that are able to promise to help users in achieving skin clarity, even skin tone as well as radiance.

I find that a skincare range by Malaysian, formulated and manufactured by Malaysian intrigued me very much. Maybe because I didn’t get the chance to approach this closely to a newly launched brand before, I personally find Neesya is quite interesting.

The person behind Neesya is Chris Yong, the CEO of Skinworkz. I had the opportunity to have lunch with Chris an hour before the launch event together with his elite team which you will be very surprised to know that they are all men! Through the chat at lunch and during the launch, I can see the passion within Chris. He is passionate with what he do, with his brand and with his products.