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Ollie Jewellery, Contemporary and Elegant Style 92.5% Pure Silver, Rhodium Plated and Nickel Free Jewellery

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You know. I hate weddings. I avoid weddings not because I’m stingy but because wedding makes me sad. For someone who dodge wedding several time due to cold feet, having to sit through the whole lengthy 8-course Chinese wedding dinner while watching all the happy wedding photos flashing on the gigantic flat screen bring tears to my eyes. The last time I shed a tear or two at a wedding dinner is when my good friend got married to a guy whom I helped to pull the string? Is that how you call it? No wait. I just got the right word. It’s match making!

Last week I attended a good friend’s wedding. I know I know. I hate wedding but this lady’s wedding is a wedding that I wouldn’t miss. Plus I have a girl friend there so how hard can it be right? The funny part is the bride said she hate wedding too lol. I know, we are weird this way. While at the table waiting for food to fill in our empty tummy, the bride brought out this jewellery box for me. It’s a gift for the bridesmaid. See! Cannot miss this girl’s wedding I tell ya 😀