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Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches: Temporary solution to reducing under eye fine lines and wrinkles

I’m in a state where I’m obsessed with a few beauty products at the moment. You will see the pattern in the next coming reviews but let me just start with one obsession today – under eye treatment.

Although I don’t have signs of aging on my face *touch wood*, I do have ONE that has been bothering me for years. That is the nasty long fine lines on my under eye. I just hate it when no eye cream can keep my under eye properly hydrated to minimize fine lines appearance and I absolutely hate it when my powder and concealer crease on the fine lines. So I thought of a solution to use under eye treatment mask every morning before makeup. I’m testing out a few different eye mask at the moment. My current favourite (as of today, can’t say about tomorrow) is Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches
When it comes to under eye mask treatment, I am willing to go all the way. I don’t mind spending a bit as long as it works. I tried searching in Sephora but to no avail. One place I knew that would have under eye mask is Watsons. I was right. The varieties of under eye mask there is amazing. I settled with Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches in the end because (1) Purederm is one of my favourite brand, (2) it’s cheaper, (3) I haven’t heard of the rest before and (4) it has “best selling anti-wrinkle patch” printed on. Yeah I know…I fell for claims on the box LOL.

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Budget Buy – Eye & Face Make-up Removers

A few weeks ago I asked you a question in Facebook if you are willing to spend on expensive makeup remover and most of you said you’re not willing to. There’s a reason behind the question actually. A year ago not only I’m not willing to spend on expensive skin care and makeup I definitely won’t splurge on makeup removers. After spending so much on expensive makeup removers I’m cutting down a bit on the splurge side while implementing some budget buy in.

I’ve grabbed some of the best budget makeup removers from a local drugstore; Watsons that I’ve tried previously. Here’s what I think.