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Brand Introduction + Review: Rachel K Mineral CC Cream Neutral & Original

I still remember when the beauty world was hooked and couldn’t stop talking about BB Cream the short name for Blemish Balm when it was first introduced by the Korean. The BB Cream revolution is pretty much still as hot as it is a few years ago. Then recently the beauty world is once again astonished when CC Cream surfaced. Once again we had all these questions in our head on what it is, who came up with it, what is it for, why CC Cream and many more.

There’s this particular brand that got everyone talking about. When I first found out about Rachel K CC Cream I was so happy that I had the rush to locate the origin and have it ship to Malaysia. I’m glad I was busy at that time because we now have Rachel K in Malaysia! Yay!

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You must be wondering…who exactly is Rachel K? Me too but after reading online I thought you might be interested too. Here is a Rachel K success story.

Rachel Kum’s passion for all things creative and natural has been a lifelong commitment. From an early age, she was entranced by make-up for simply being fun in its ability to change the face with color. Growing up, her love of nature, beauty and especially cosmetics made this a focus of her personal expression. Before winning the Miss Singapore Universe title in 2009, Rachel’s road to her good skin and makeup did not come easy. Her own experience with skin and makeup and working with women whose careers depended on good complexion has allowed her to see how skin image not only threatens careers but can also destroy self confidence.

This has led her to devote two years to researching, testing and refining mineral makeup. As every woman knows good texture, even coverage and comfortable skin interaction are the chief ingredients in identifying a good brand of makeup, Rachel believes she has found the optimal product in her Rachel K cosmetics range.

The accolades come as no surprise as it took 2 years of groundbreaking research and testing in state-of-the-art cosmetic laboratories in USA, Korea and Japan, with a team of leading cosmetologists, dermatologists and make-up artists to produce this highly refined CC cream and its line of supporting products. Testament to its efficacy is the fact that the majority of the buzz around this cream has been generated not through a multi-million dollar campaign, but by word-of-mouth.