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Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products

Do You Get Paranoid with Too Many Used and Unused Products 1
Do you? Because I do. I GET VERY PARANOID.

I don’t know what it is but last time I used to buy buy buy, get get get and I like it. I don’t feel suffocated or paranoid about expiry date at all because I know I will get through it since I use so much product on day to day basis. But since last year, I changed unknowingly. I started to get very paranoid with how much stuff I have – used and unused.

It has gotten out of hand that I have to buy a 6-tier shoe cabinet to store my “stock pile”. My home Sephora as I name it. And I have a FIFO (first in first out) system for my stock pile too! For the first month everything was good, then it gotten out of hand very quickly. Even my cabinet is weighing down at the middle now lol. Mind you all this happened even when I have always been very selective with the events and engagement I agree on.

Benefit News Rant

The New Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade Will Make You Go Ohh La La (Except Me)

Benefit 2017 Cheek Parade
* Image: Akeru Feed


Benefit and I, we are not friends. There I said it. Why? Well, many years ago Benefit Malaysia uses us, a group of bloggers to do a giveaway for them in order to create some hype for them. And when that is done, they have gotten what they want and the left without saying thank you or good bye. So, now they only get people who is famous or celebrity so-called to whatever they do. I am one who do not support Benefit Malaysia regardless how tempting some of their limited edition launches are.

Info Random Rant

When Both Camera Decided To Break Down Together

Street Love Cameras
As you already notice, blog update for this week is at a minimal as both of my camera decided to complot and broke down one day apart from each other. My main camera is the Olympus PEN E-P3. The lens started to have an issue when I tried to zoom in from 25mm onwards. But it is still usable until the morning while I was taking photo of the L’Oréal Lucent Magique Cushion Glow Blush. I couldn’t move the lens anymore. That is when something inside had broken. All was still good as I have a spare camera. A point-and-shoot Canon Powershot S110 which I bought as a spare camera a few years ago because the same E-P3 was sent to the service centre for the same issue. When I took it out to take photos of the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream, the lens is not retracting in. Same issue. I ended up with two camera lens that wouldn’t retract back in.

Olympus is charging me RM200 to RM250 for the spare part including camera body cleaning. Canon on the other hand quoted me RM527.90. That’s right. A camera which cost me half the price of the micro 4/3 is charging me double of the repair price of the micro 4/3. Story cut short, my Olympus camera will be home in another week and I am not paying for the Canon. Poor thing. It’s a fairly new camera as I’ve used less than 10 times since I bought it. Geez Canon!

I will try to update as much as I can. But until the camera is home, product reviews will be kept minimal.

Stay beautiful! xoxo


KFIT Random Rant

3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT

3 Reasons NOT To Subscribe To KFIT
On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I was featured in CompareHero. Not long after the article was published, the kind folks at CompareHero sent me a 60% discount for KFIT first month subscription, which does not work at all until I informed CompareHero, which they later informed KFIT to rectify the issue. KFIT monthly pass is RM99, after discount it rounds up to RM39. I thought that’s not bad for someone who wanna try out KFIT. I needed to do some cross training for as a part of my training for marathon so I signed up and I have headache thereafter.

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Third time’s a charm? Unfortunately not for MySale

Fiona, Fiona. You never learn from experience isn’t it? After my awful 2nd online shopping experience with MySale several months ago, I vowed not to spend a single dime at MySale anymore. Here’s the story. I have RM30 voucher which will be expiring pretty soon and I just want to let the voucher burn. Until I saw Christmas candle in the Home & Living section. I’m obsessing over candles for the past few months. All the YouTubers (my main influencers) are talking about Christmas candle or Pumpkin Spice and I desperately wanted a few. I couldn’t find any Christmas scent candle in KL and MySale had it. That was before I found out about Yankee Candle availability in Malaysia so you can save the nagging 😛 . And please no Diptique candle talk because it’s too expensive for me to burn my money with. I burn candle like no tomorrow so oh God no.

MySale Copenhagen Candle
As you can see from above photo, I only ordered two candle – Christmas Spice and Christmas Tree. Both is very Christmas-y, very huge and they came with three wick, which is always good for a big candle like this.

BH Cosmetics Info MySale Rant

Stolen Items from Mysale BH Cosmetics Parcel + Tips on what you can do if you’re in the same situation

If it’s not due to the extremely high international shipping fee for BH Cosmetics, I would have not bought anything from I told myself this would be the last time I buy from Mysale. Let’s face it. I’m not the type of person that can wait nearly two months for the parcel to arrive.

I placed my order on the 30th June 2014 and the estimated delivery is within 29th July to 5th August. I tried contacting Mysale FOUR TIMES to track my parcel but to no avail. The tracking provided in the member account is literally useless. I called Quantium only to be told that Quantium’s role in this is to act as a third party on all custom related matters. All Mysale parcel is under ABX responsibilities. Oh Lord. The nightmare begins. I’m not going into details on what went on with ABX. Let’s just say they are the first courier company that shout, yell and scolded me – the customer. To cut the story short, I received the parcel this morning, with lots of anger cursing written on the shipping label. I have to photoshop it out because it’s nasty. This is the condition of my parcel. Soiled. The supposed to be hard and sturdy padded envelope is as soft as a tofu.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 1
Then I found THIS. It is so obvious that my parcel was compromised. Based on my online buying and selling experience, the glue on padded envelope is quite secure, unless the content is huge and force into the envelope then yes, box tape is needed.