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Pixelated Picture

I just realised ever since I’m using Photoshop on my new Macbook Air to edit pictures, I didn’t save it on the highest resolution which resulted in pixelated pictures. No wonder the recent picture looked weird. Now I’m in the process of re-edit allllllll the pictures for the past 1 month 🙁


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Virus attack & What to do

My home laptop was attacked by a few virus trojan yesterday night when I was reading one beauty blog after googled for “Vanity Trove”. It all happened in front of my eyes. First my antivirus detected a few virus and quarantined the buggers away, then my mp3 which was playing that time shut down and then the files on my desktop starts to be missing one by one and my hard disk died. The next thing I know is everything in my laptop is wiped out. Desktop is blank, all the item in Start button is blank as well. Everything is not clickable or accessible.

What do I do? I went to sleep. There’s nothing I can do at that hour and I was sleepy. Obviously my KLCC shopping trip the next day would be canceled. Before that I did some google search on this and I found some solution that I would try the next morning.

This morning I use my work laptop to go online and found an interesting website. The website did a post on how to restore missing files and folders after virus attack. The author also provide a free application to restore all files and folder. I was completely blocked from going online with my infected laptop (all application is missing) so what I do is I downloaded the application and save it to a thumbdrive. Then I plug in the thumbdrive to the infected laptop and run it.

Here’s the application download link

Windows XP user can just download and run the application. Windows Vista and Windows 7 would need to download and run the application with administrator rights. Ok, here’s the tricky part. After you click on the application it may seems that nothing is working BUT actually Unhider is doing the job behind the scene. Give it a few minutes for it to do it’s magic and you’d see that all the files and folders are back. You have no idea how happy I am to see my files start to reappear on my desktop.

Hope this info helps.


Number 9875357 Injury

I sprained my knee more than normal people. This is because roughly 7 years back I broke my ankle and since then I kept having injury on the same leg. No wonder I was told once I hurt it, there’s a big chance that I’d hurt it again and again.

My last recent hurt was on the day I attended Skin Food event. I didn’t really take good care of the injury due to the current work load so I recovered quite slow. Not even 2 weeks after I could walk properly, I injured the same knee again. It was a Tuesday where I’d need to visit all the clients to send magazines, invoices and mandarin oranges. I dragged one of my boss along to carry the oranges for me but there are a few places where I’d just hopped out of the car and speed walk a distance to the client office. Yeap. He kept stopping at the wrong side which resulted the long walk. I felt the hurt at the end of the day where everything slowed down. By the next day (Wed) I can feel the tightness in my knee so I decided to visit the chinese doctor recommended by my second boss the next day.

On Thursday, my boss fetch me over and I had a painful massage. Immediately I can see my knee swollen and he put on some herb medicine patch on my knee for 6 hours. After taking out, I have to wait for another 1 hour before I can bath. That means I can only bath at 10.30pm! Sucks.

I can see that my leg is double the size by night time. The pain is getting more and more unbearable. I panicked. But I waited patiently until it’s 9.30pm and when I took the patch off, I was so shocked. My whole leg is double the size and it hurts just touching the knee. I didn’t sleep the whole night as the pain is getting worse. I can feel the vein underneath my knee pumping blood in pain. I knew it’s be worse the next morning. I was right. I can’t even put down my leg on the floor. I waited for 10 minutes and start standing up and I couldn’t. I walked to the kitchen slowly in pain and I nearly fainted due to the pain. That’s when I vomited. Mum had already cooking the chinese med so I had some milo and I went back to sleep. I was waken up by mum around 8.30am as the chinese med is ready. I slept for another half and hour and walked to the washroom. The pain has not subside yet. I vomited the second time in the washroom. All the milo and the med are all out. Desperate for solution, I took a muscle relaxation med and went back to sleep. Then I had fever. I slept again and woke up realising the pain subsided a little. The muscle relaxation med is working. Yet I still can’t move and lied on bed.

Feeling hopeless I called the chinese doctor. That bugger is still sleeping! He did answer the call after a long ringing but I can’t even understand a word he said. He said he didn’t know what was wrong with me and told me to see him. I said I can’t cause I’m staying too far away. Then he adviced me to take antibiotic as he suspect there’s infection inside. I really doubt there’s any infection as I was OK before I see him. It was just a tiny bit of pain and after seeing him I was in hell lots of pain! But I took his advice and took antibiotic anyway. I was desperate!

Due to the pain, fever and the fact that I can’t stand or walk, I missed my company’s dinner. All thanks to the chinese doctor.


Plagiarism Solved!

Immediately after I blog about my recent encounter with blog content plagiarism, I sent an email to the site owner.

The site owner removed the stolen content and replied my email too.

I guess I’ll need to do some checking this weekend on other sites.


My Content was Stolen!

I was on my bed yesterday night getting ready to sleep and I took out my phone to google something and I googled for “Clarins birthday gift”. From the search result page I notice a similar writing but it’s at some weird website. I click on the page and to my horror I saw my blog post in the site! Yes. My content was stolen!

The website is This is what the fella stole from my blog.

This is my original blog post. I copied it down by portion.

As you can see, everything is mine. The thief even add some of his/her own writing in after the paragraph ended at “Can I have more days like this?”. Check this out.

I have contacted the site owner and given him/her 2 days notice to remove the content. If he/her refuse to remove, I will contact other content owner which he/her had copied from and make everyone report his site to DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998)