Miniso Cosmetic Bag With 3 Brushes Set

Dupe Alert: Miniso Cosmetic Bag With 3 Brushes Set and Comparison With Real Techniques Brushes

Miniso Cosmetic Bag With 3 Brushes Set
A few months ago, I read the news about Miniso and how they are Japanese brand but strangely they had only four stores in Japan while having more than a thousand stores in China. What exactly is Miniso, you asked? Miniso is a Japanese lifestyle and fast fashion brand that sells merchandise such as homeware, bags and electronics at low prices. You know, something like Daiso? Strangely the store’s logo resembles Uniqlo. They even had the dupe for some Uniqlo products. Hah!

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iHerb Haul October 2015 1

iHerb Haul October 2015: DHL Express not so express this time

LOL at the title. It sounded as if I’m about to go on a rampage on DHL Express which was not as express as my previous hauls. Could it be because of the $8 flat rate promotion or change of policy? I have no idea. All I care now is how relieved I am that my parcel arrived on Saturday morning, after 7 days of travelling. Lucky box.

iHerb Haul October 2015 1
Here is my small iHerb haul. I was thinking to go amok with iHerb this time, taking advantage of the flat $8 DHL Express shipping which ends on 31st October. I did. I put everything in the shopping cart and cut the list down to this extend 😛 . I never haul a lot with iHerb to avoid tax. That explains why all my iHerb haul is in a small quantity. Unless everything is free then I will make sure my haul totals up to RM499!

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Real Techniques Nic's Picks

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks: My first impression

Ever since I found out that Real Techniques is launching Real Techniques Nic’s Picks set back in August 2014, I was super excited. I’ve always been fond with chrome-handle brushes and they’re near impossible to get in Malaysia. I knew that I can get my hands on Real Techniques brushes easily. Can you imagine my excitement when this set is made available in

Real Techniques Nic’s Picks is a limited edition brush set from Nic Chapman, one of the sisters behind beauty blog and YouTube channel Pixiwoo and it was finally launched in October 2014. It wasn’t until middle of November that I placed my order from I was patiently waiting for iHerb to come out with the special 20% OFF offer and it finally happened. Needless to say, I placed my order in less than 5 minutes and a few days later, the brushes arrived my doorstep. These beauties remained in the box until two weeks ago. I took them out, gave them a good deep thorough bath and eagerly used them the next day.

Real Techniques Nic's Picks
Sam Chapman came out with a similar set last year aptly named as Sam’s Picks. I was contemplating if I should get Sam’s Picks earlier this year and while I was still contemplating, I heard about these chrome-handle Nic’s Picks. It’s just about the right time as Sam’s Picks was discontinued and Nic’s Picks made it’s way in.

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Sigma Black Friday Sale 2014

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2014 Guide

Honestly I have no idea what Black Friday is and why is there so many Black Friday sale around until a few days ago. So I did a quick googling and found the meaning behind Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Thanks to Wikipedia, now we know why every single online shopping site you ever know are running their own version of Black Friday sale. I’ve gathered a few of them that I thought are good so you too can have a Black Friday sale shopping 😀


Sigma Beauty (

I’ve never bought anything directly from Sigma before but I thought their complimentary worldwide shipping is a good deal. Just enter the code BF2014 at checkout. Oh and the site is also offering Cyber Monday sale of 20% OFF sitewide on the 1st December with the code CM2014 at checkout.

Sigma Black Friday Sale 2014

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iHerb Second Haul

Second iHerb Haul: A different shipping experience and how I expedite the parcel delivery

I was just happy with getting my second iHerb parcel that I have no intention to blog about it at all because the purchase is mostly done for a friend, until I realised I do have a fair share of haul 😀 . This time round I experienced a totally different shipping experience so I thought of sharing with you what happened.

First thing first, here’s the mini haul 😉

iHerb Second Haul
I bet by now you had already figure that I am kinda obsessed with iHerb based on my Facebook updates. Thanks to all your recommendation and push to order from the addictive site, I can’t stop browsing now. Just in case you are not aware, Real Techniques was on 20% discount for the whole of last week. A good friend of mine had just started getting her feet wet with skin cares and makeup, which was groomed by me *ehem* so one day she ask me to help her to order some Real Technique brushes. She gave me a long list of brushes she want but I sort of trim everything down to just two items because as a beginner, she doesn’t need all brushes at once.

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iHerb Haul 1

First iHerb Shopping Experience: The process, the shipping and the purchase

Last month I shared with you My Favourite Top 3 Online Beauty Stores and I did mentioned that iHerb is a favourite online site for most people I know due to it’s low international shipping rate. I also mentioned that I probably don’t have the patience to wait for the shipment to arrive, which I don’t and still don’t 😀

The story on how I made my first iHerb purchase came about when I wanted to pick up Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Sam’s Picks Exclusive Brush Set. Unfortunately for me the brush set is out of stock and it will only be available in April. April came along and the brush set is still yet available so I waited for another few more weeks but to no avail. Finally I decided to forgo the brush set and get individual brush that I need instead. There’s so many things I wanted to pick up right away however I took a good few days to rethink if I should as the mother of all warehouse sales is happening in three weeks time.

This is a small haul which I shared with my friend Cynthia.

iHerb Haul 1
My iHerb transaction was surprisingly smooth. I would expect lots of drama but there was no nonsense. Not that I wanted chaos or whatsoever but I seems to be quite unlucky sometimes when it comes to online shopping. Furthermore iHerb is not local so can’t blame me for over thinking 😀

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