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REALASH Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Eye Care

REALASH Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer: One Month Update

Realash Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer 1
Apologies for the lack of product review lately as both my main and spare camera crap out on me at the same time. Needless to say both the naughty ones was admitted to the ICU. One came out certified (spare camera) and another (main camera) took unexpectedly longer time to fix than what I was told initially. I have to call to check on the status and they sorta rush it out for me. I did not want to rush them just in case they simply fix it for me but I was told they are 80% done with the repair and a few extra days was needed to finish the repair. I am finally able to pick up my camera yesterday 🙂

REALASH Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Eye Care

Unboxing The All New REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner + My First Impression

Realash Unboxing 1
If I start to talk about my pathetic eyelashes and eyebrows, girl…it would take 3 days 3 nights. I am not blessed with fluffy lashes and bushy brows #typicalasian so a little help is very much appreciated. Last week one very interesting parcel arrived my doorstep. I have heard so much about REALASH Eyelash Enhancer previously and how effective it is. Now I get to try it for 30 days straight before penning down my review for you 😀