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Benefit Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sampar Talika

Top 3 Primer That Are Good As Perfector, Just As Good On It’s Own

Sooooo, besides feeling demotivated and falling off the blogging bandwagon a little bit…I’ve been rather adventurous too. The adventurous bug bite me when I was too fed up with having oil secretion on my face before mid of the day. That’s the downside of having oily skin 🙁 I started going through all my base products, digging them out from every corner of my room. I have this crazy idea of using primer over liquid foundation, before finishing powder for a better oil control. However not all makeup base / primer works. It must be something that is able to matte the surface after application. Here is my Top 3 pick of primer that works well as perfector :D. Let’s start from bottom.


Review: Skin Care Sampar Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Masks

Review: Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask – The Rescue Mask For Lazy Days

I remember when this Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask was launched last year I was attracted to it after hearing the explanation and testimonial from Sampar International Training Manager; Mélanie Montier. Mélanie said that if we feel that the skin condition was in bad state and in need of emergency rescue, So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is the one that we should reach to.

Well, my skin’s bad state normally would means pimples popping out here and there. Not quite the dry, harsh or skin peeling state. But that doesn’t stop me from leaning over to this overnight mask. That leaning could only mean I was too lazy for a proper night skin care regime 🙂


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SAMPAR Malaysia Press Reveal & Launch of So Much To Dew Midnight Mask

Earlier this month I was invited to attend the long-awaited press reveal of SAMPAR Paris in Malaysia. This time I didn’t attend the event as a blogger so I suppose you can figure out I went as media.

The event is held at Alexis Bistro & Wine bar, The Gardens. I like that venue as it’s quite intimate and suitable for press launches and medium size event. Absolutely a good choice.

I reached by 2pm and guests were slowly arriving making their way into the press reveal area. The decor is simple yet comfortable. There’s also an array of SAMPAR products lined up for guests to have a look. It’s pretty simple if you ask me. Just 6 range namely Essentials, Pure Perfection, Age Antidote, City of Light, Cosmakeup and Winsome Body.

Review: Skin Care Sampar Skin Care - Face Mist Skin Care - Hydrating

Review: My Quest for Hydrated Skin Continues with Sampar Skin Quenching Mist

Healthy skin is well hydrated skin. That’s the philosophy I hold on to. I’m obsessed with skin care products that claimed to give me hydrated skin. So when Sampar sent me a bottle of their Skin Quenching Mist to try, I was more than delighted. I mean just look at the name of the product; Skin Quenching. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Maybe not to you but it is to me! Quench my thirsty skin pleeeaaassseeee.


What it claimed?
Skin Quenching Mist wrap your skin in well-being, comfort and freshness. Its barely-there texture locks in make-up and shields against outside irritants.

Results: Soothed and free of impurities, the skin reclaims its soft, supple and serene natural state.

Especially suited for sensitive skin.

Review: Skin Care Sampar Skin Care - Hydrating

Review: Sampar Ultra-Hydrating Fluid

I have another Sampar review for you today. Just a easy peasy one on a Monday morning. The product that I’m gonna talk about today is Ultra-Hydrating Fluid which is also a hydrating moisturizer in short.

I’m pretty sure by now everyone is very conscious with a proper hydrated face and implementing the right moisturizer into our skin care regime. I used to think that I don’t need any moisturizer as I have oily skin. It turns out I’m not oily skin but I’m more to combination skin type and although my face is oily at some times I do get skin flakes / peeling. Then only I found out my skin is actually dehydrated! How is it possible that my skin is dehydrated when it’s secreting oil at the same time? Well the explanation to that is pretty simple. The water and oil level must be the same beneath our skin. Once the water level drop the senses in our skin tells the oil gland to produce more oil to keep the skin moisturize. Thus the oily face. If our skin is properly moisturized you’d notice the changes in the skin’s oil secretion.

Now I don’t have skin flakes / peeling. I make sure I keep my skin hydrated at all times. That’s why I can tell you I’m obsessed with the word “hydrating” and I never ran out of hydrating product as I stock them up more than any other skin care. So when I was given a 15ml of  Sampar Ultra-Hydrating Fluid I go “ahhhh another hydrating moisturizer yay!”.

The actual size of this is actually 50ml which comes with a more luxurious bottle and pump. Nonetheless my trial size / miniature (not sample) is cute and comes with a pump too.

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sampar

Review: Sampar Glamour Shot – The Transparent Foundation for the Weekend

How many of you give your skin a break from skin care and makeup? I DO! *raise hand*

As you know I like to layer my skin care day and night and I decided to give my skin a break from all the skin care on weekend. The same goes to makeup. On weekend I mainly do my quick shopping so no makeup is needed. Believe this or not…I’ve been practicing this “break” ever since I started with Clarins. And to answer some of your question; no it’s not weird at all. I found out I’m not the only one. A blogger from Singapore did the same too! *high 5 girl!*

The question is. How about the days on weekend that I actually need to meet someone or when I need to do my beauty rounding at KLCC but not willing to put on makeup? I’ve found the foundation that is not only transparent but covers my pores, fine lines, broken capillaries and some of the redness. Sounds promising? Let me introduce you to Sampar Glamour Shot.

As I only receive a small sample of this, I need to be extra careful in the application on first and second use to get the result. There’s no room for error so I’m feeling a bit stress LOL.

Here’s a snap shot on the technology called the Urban Advance behind this transparent foundation which was developed by Sampar founder; Patrick Sounigo.