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Make Up - Nail Polish Review: Make Up Seche

Review: Ultimate Seche Duo To Protect Your Nail and Nail Polish – Crystal Clear Base Coat & Dry Fast Top Coat

The one brand that nail polish geek talk constantly about is Seche. It is also a brand that I see appearing at every nail polish blog. So what exactly is Seche? The first time I ever read about Seche is from a beauty blog but I cannot remember which. It was actually a mixed review so let’s just say I wasn’t interested with Seche since then because of that review. There is one point of time where I was very much into nail polish. The fear of yellowish nail always bother me so I started to Google more info on Seche and found quite a lot of good review. When Seche finally hit Malaysia shore, I bought not one but two bottle of Seche. Which two? Let’s find out.

I must say. Seche is really confusing. The sub-range for Seche are all named as Seche something something such as Seche Vite, Seche Restore, Seche Ultra-V, Seche Base, Seche Clear, Seche Natural and Seche Plus. See! It’s so confusing! Eventhough so I have a clear mindset of what I want – Seche Clear™ Crystal Clear Base Coat and Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat.