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Review: Skin Care Sephora Skin Care - Masks

Sephora Orchid Eye Mask: On the pricier side, comfortable on the skin but sadly does not deliver what was claimed

What I like about Sephora is that members get rewarded with birthday gift every year. Every year I get to claim my birthday gift on any day as long as it is within my birthday month i.e. September. This year however I was not allowed to claim my birthday gift. It seems that Sephora had changed their policy. An email notification will only be sent one week AFTER the actual birthday. No biggie about that as I received my email in just a few days after my birthday. And if I make a purchase, I will be rewarded with double points. I took this opportunity to check out the new sleeping mask but went home with Sephora Orchid Eye Mask instead 😀

Sephora Orchid Eye Mask
My concern for the eye area has always been the fine lines and wrinkles. Those are signs of aging unfortunately, which is probably the one and only main concern for me when it comes to aging as these nasty lines makes me look older and haggard. There are a handful or two selections for their eye mask. I went with Orchid after talking to the Elaine, the friendly BA at Sephora IOI City Mall *thanks Elaine for the helpful assistance*!

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GLAMGLOW and Talika Sampling Exercise (23 – 27 September 2015)

GLAMGLOW and Talika will be having a promotion space at Mid Valley, Ground South Area from today 23rd September to 27th September, and they are giving out samples upon skin consultation. This would be the best time to drop by to check out the new FlashMud or even other GlamGlow products that you’ve been wanting to try, AND bring home some samples to try 🙂

GlamGlow FLASHMUD Sampling

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sephora Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation: A versatile coverage photo filter compact foundation for flawless looking skin

Every girl started their makeup journey with one particular product. I often spoke about mine, which was a 2-way powder foundation. I was on 2-way powder foundation for a good 10 years (and more) until I discovered the wonders of liquid foundation. Powder foundation out the window and hello liquid foundation! I have not look back since then. Yes the application time and steps are longer than using a powder foundation but the finishing is beautiful. To be honest, when I saw that Smashbox launched three new products back in April 2015, I was least excited with the Photo Filter Powder Foundation. Not because it was horribly bad but because I’ve grown out of powder foundation. Now, it is my most favourite new product from Smashbox among the three items. Surpise, surprise, eh? 🙂

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation
Smashbox signature packaging and colour has always been matte black. Don’t expect anything more than that because this is how Smashbox is. Simple, and black 😛 . I have no issue with the packaging except for powder finger prints on the casing. Then again, nothing that a wet tissue couldn’t do.

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sephora Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: The lightest, purest, most refreshing primer form you have ever used

When it comes to new product release, admittedly Malaysia is far more slower in this matter. When reviews of the new Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water starts to pops out on YouTube, I figure that we need to wait at least a few more months (6 months maybe?) for it to be available locally. Imagine my surprise when I saw all Smashbox new products nicely displayed at the new Sephora Mid Valley store back in April 2015, I thought I was dreaming and I needed to take a double look at the shelf to make sure it is real!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
If you’re thinking ‘meh, what’s the hype on the primer water anyway?’, well it’s all because primer comes in a paste form and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is the revolutionary primer in the form of none other than…water! You know how the beauty world works. Give us something new, something fresh, something that no one have done it before and we all go berserk 😛

GLAMGLOW® Review: Skin Care Sephora Skin Care - Cleanser

GLAMGLOW® THIRSTYCLEANSE™: My least favourite but it’s not all bad for me

Okay. I lied. I promised to talk about my #1 favourite GLAMGLOW mud-to-foam cleanser from the lot last week but I didn’t. Being as random as I can be at times, I decided to talk about the GLAMGLOW® THIRSTYCLEANSE™ first instead.

THIRSTYCLEANSE is a revolutionary cleanser, created with only one purpose in mind – to hydrate, restore moisture, replenish and calm skin. To me, this hydrating mud-to-foam cleanser is the express on-the-go version of ThirstyMud, my least favourite mud mask from GLAMGLOW. So by default this THIRSTYCLEANSE is also my least favourite cleanser among the four.

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse
Whether this is my favourite or not, I must say I like how the pump system dispense out the right amount of product per pump. The pump is not those shallow type of pump where you don’t get the satisfaction of pressing the pump down but instead it goes down quite deep.

GLAMGLOW® Review: Skin Care Sephora Skin Care - Cleanser

GLAMGLOW® SUPERCLEANSE™: Fantastic treatment cleanser and a perfect complement to SUPERMUD

Last year, I had the honour to attend the launch of GLAMGLOW and this year, I was once again given the honour to attend the GLAMGLOW GLAMTASTIC Party in celebration of GLAMGLOW’s 1st Anniversary in Malaysia and also for the launch of the World’s First Mud-to-Foam Cleansers, which was held end of April last month. I could not believe that GLAMGLOW has been in Malaysia for a year now. How time flies and it has been fantastic!

GLAMGLOW launched the World’s First Mud-to-Foam Cleanser range, which consists of four cleansers namely YOUTHCLEANSE, SUPERCLEANSE, THIRSTYCLEANSE and POWERCLEANSE just this January 2015 and two out of the four cleansers hit our local Sephora stores in April 2015. The two cleansers that are now available are SUPERCLEANSE and THIRSTYCLEANSE. I like all four of them but there are two that stands out to me the most. I finally bought SUPERCLEANSE at the recent Sephora Private Sale. The additional 20% discount makes it even more affordable 🙂

GlamGlow SuperCleanse
SUPERCLEANSE is a mud-to-foam cleanser for problem skin, just like the mud mask version – SUPERMUD. If you know how SUPERMUD works, this cleanser is supposed to be the cleanser version of it. Same in everything except that this is the cleanser version. It contain the same mud from SUPERMUD, which transforms into a gentle foaming lather when in contact with water to dissolve oil and makeup, getting rid of pore-clogging debris, impurities, excess oil, absorb excess sebum oils and create a mattifying layer on top of the skin for clearer complexion.