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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo: Feeling love and hate at the same time, well mostly hate

Ever since NYX was made available in Sephora, I haven’t properly look into its range of products. How can I. Every time I went to Sephora KLCC, NYX shelf is always the busiest and crowded of all. Beats the whole Sephora crowd. There is something about NYX. I see girls with a group of friends making a beeline to the section, crowding the entire section and took several hours swatching, making it almost impossible for me to even see anything. I think I was in luck one Sunday. I went to Sephora KLCC with the intention of grabbing the Soft Matte Lip Cream. I managed to do three swatches (I know right, just three swatches) before a group of girls pushing me away from my back, my left and right. Haigh. Again.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo
The shades that I managed to swatch is San Paulo, Milan and Istanbul. I wanted an everyday shade so the first I pick up was Istanbul. The shade is alright and then I swatched Milan and it is too pale for my dark lips. I had my eyes on San Paulo. The swatch came out vibrant, lovely dark fuchsia shade but I was worried that it might be too bold on me. I couldn’t make up my mind between Istanbul or San Paulo so I walk around a bit to decide.

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A Pleasant Sunday Morning Casual Shopping Trip and My Haul

I haven’t been doing a haul post, haven’t I? I’ve been a good girl for the past three months ever since I quit my job and stays at home for a short break. I do buy small little thing like RM5 Daiso Eye Brow Pencil, RM5 Daiso brush holder or RM23 The Brush Guard but there was no major haul that could break the bank. Now that I’m going back to work soon, I’ve slowly started with my usual Sunday beauty shopping at KLCC and yesterday I gave myself a day off and spend a tiny bit of money on some stuff.

This is my haul.

Sunday Shopping Haul 7
I never knew anniversary for hand cream ever existed but I just found out L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream turns 20 this year. Last Friday I received their newsletter on a 10ml hand cream redemption. I registered, chose my preferred outlet for redemption and I received the email notification immediately.

Body - Body / Shower Scrub Review: Bath / Body Sephora Soap & Glory

Review: Scrub-a-Dub Dub with Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

Since I’m taking a break from working, I’m also on shopping ban as I’m no longer earning any income or whatsoever. Good for me because I can take this opportunity to be more hardworking in using up all the beauty product stash that I have. Like I said before I have a very good self-control on shopping but I do plan to splurge on Make Up For Ever products during their official opening of Pro Boutique which was held last Friday. I don’t know if it’s fated or what. I have to absent myself from the event that day as I was rushing some freelance job that I took on. So no haul for me.

I went to Sephora KLCC last Sunday to hunt for gifts for a dear friend of mine. Since I can’t shop for myself doesn’t mean I can’t shop for somebody else right? Right? There’s something about spending on other people. It makes me happy to see my friends caught in surprise with small gifts that I got for them. Among the array of gifts I bought, I also pick up a tub of Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish.

Soap & Glory Flake Away 1

Sephora Soap & Glory

Sephora White Card + Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph

I’ve heard about Sephora Loyalty Program long time ago however I never apply it because I can’t seems to get anything to purchase in Sephora. Really weird but it’s a fact. Until yesterday I read about their new membership which is known as Sephora White Card Loyalty Program and anyone can apply this card without any purchase.

I asked one of the BA and she told me I can only apply if I purchase any item. It seems everyone is experiencing different scenario with different BA. Anyway, I walked around with Gin after her Burberry Beauty makeover and I saw something that I’ve always wanted to get but couldn’t find. That item is Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph.

Here’s to let you understand more on Sephora White Card.