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Fashion Tips: How To Stretch Your Shoe

How To Stretch Your Shoe 1
Ever bought a new pair of shoe that are tight or half a size smaller?

Recently I bought *counting* five pairs of shoes from the recent FJ Benjamin warehouse sales and two out of the five pairs are pumps. I’ve always adore GUESS shoes although their shoes could be quite high and slim for my fatty feet :D. All along I assume imported brands is larger in size but I couldn’t even fit into my usual Size 7! Warehouse sales could be a bit troublesome to ask for shoe to try so I ended up with Size 7.5 after I fail to fit in Size 7.

Fortunately for me I accidentally came across a tutorial from Michelle Phan on how to expand or stretch new shoe so I tried it on my “zebra” pumps and it works! I thought you might want to know this trick too so here’s my version on How To Stretch Your Shoe 😉


Pre-Prep Your Heels

Everytime I buy a new pair of heel, I always pre-prep my heel before wearing them. New heel are normally tighter and stiffer so pre-prepping the heel is very important to me otherwise I’d end up with painful blisters that will take a week to heal.

What I do is I got myself a new pair of Scholl Heel Grips. You can get this from almost everywhere but I’d normally buy it from Watsons.

Peel off one of the heel grip. It is very sticky so try holding on to a spot.

I normally hold it this way to get the equal balance side on the shoe. I don’t estimate if it balance or not. I just hold it this way.

Still holding the heel grip on the same spot, I push it towards the back of the heel like this. This is what I meant by balance on each side. By doing this you’d get a balance grip on left and right.

Align it carefully and use your index finger and push it through top to bottom. Quickly change the spot where you hold the grip so you stick it correctly. Otherwise it’d be hard to take it off.

Let go one side of the grip and carefully align it to the side and stick it on to the heel. Repeat with the other side of the grip.

Here’s how it looks like!

The direction says that we should allow 8 hours before wearing but most of the time it was just too rush. Stick it and off to work I go!

You can also use this jelly cushion for the inner insole but I find this too dirty on the side after some time so I stop using this and I go for full insole. All my shoe insole is in new condition due to full insole. Not forgetting comfortable too.

You can use any insole that you like. The best is still Scholl as the colour is light beige but need lots of washing especially if you are like me who took off the shoe when driving. Daiso’s insole will tend to be smelly and Watsons insole will melt on the downside and the whole thing will stick on the shoe that is even worse. I hope Scholl will came out with black colour insole.