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Does GST Affect Your Beauty Spending?

Does GST affect beauty spending
We are now mid through the third month since GST first implemented into our lives. Before that there has been a lot of ranting on how the burden of GST will affect our life. I spoke to numerous foreigners working in Malaysia on this matter. To them GST 6% is nothing and that we are too paranoid about it. I don’t blame us. I mean, it is our first time. For sure there will be lots of hoo-ha everywhere. Unfortunately for us beauty enthusiasts, beauty products falls under taxable category. I was told that Sephora was so crowded on the day before the 1st Apr GST implementation 😀 . Are you one of them who did last minute shopping at Sephora? I didn’t and I don’t regret any of it. In fact I did not stock up any of my beauty products at all. Frankly speaking I can foresee GST affecting every other expenses in my life but not beauty products. Someone asked me before. Will I spend lesser on beauty products after GST? The answer is NO. I believe a beauty enthusiast will still buy something she want no matter GST or not. So, does GST affect your beauty spending?