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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: Does my skin improved after going through 2-bottles? Surprise ahead

Let’s face it. Everyone wants a crystal clear skin. Who doesn’t right? I never imagine myself having crystal clear skin. I’m not born with a good skin to begin with and the problems I have just make everything seems impossible. I’m sure you remember watching SK-II’s luring TVC of the iconic Facial Treatment Essence. SK-II advertisement never fail to make me go gaga. It is the one product that I’ve been dying to try. Let me repeat that. DYING TO TRY. What stop me from doing so? To be honest with you, all the reviews online freaks me out big time. Some people suffer allergy attack, some suffer withdrawal effect and some said their skin is worse than before. Why do these people sounded as if Facial Treatment Essence is like an acid anyway? Thanks to SK-II Malaysia last year, I was given the opportunity to undergo Magic Ring Skin Analysis. Not only I learnt about my skin real age and problems, I also braved myself and ask for a Facial Treatment Essence sample to try. I just needed to find out if I will develop any allergy from it. Well, the rest is history. I have purchase two bottles of Facial Treatment Essence since Magic Ring Skin Analysis.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 1
Facial Treatment Essence or “Miracle Water” as they’re widely known as is SK-II’s signature product. It is actually an essence but misunderstood by most people as a lotion/toner, I would say probably from the patting application on the TVC previously. The essence itself contain over 90% Pitera™, the miracle ingredient discovered over 30 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today. Pitera is a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. The history goes all the way back to 1970s, when a scientist in Japan visited a Japanese saké brewery and noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. Then they realised these workers are constantly in contact with sake fermentation process thus the soft youthful hands.

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Beauty News: SK-II New Spots Solution To Beat The Odds and Win Against Spots

Spots, when they occur, seem nearly impossible to erase – SK-II has now found a newly discovered reason why, and the solution to reducing dark spots. A vicious cycle of spots and skin damage results in spots being harder to remove, according to SK-II’s latest intelligence on hyperpigmentation. With SK-II’s new Whitening Spots Care Series, now comes SK-II’s most revolutionary spots-fighting technology to date, engineered to break the spots vicious cycle.

In-depth skin science research by SK-II has revealed a feedback loop between spots and skin damage – where spots formation damages skin, and the subsequent damage triggers the appearance of more spots. This newly discovered vicious cycle is the reason why spots are so tough to remove once it starts. When a spot forms, the skin around it becomes damaged, thereby causing a decline in skin turnover, a loosened basement membrane and chronic inflammation of the skin. This skin damage stimulates the mechanisms in our cells that produce melanin, melanocyte cells, to go into overdrive and overproduce the pigment, worsening the appearance of spots. As this cycle of spots and damage perpetuates, it becomes increasingly hard to erase dark spots.

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SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao Officiate the “Crystal Clear Skin. No Compromise” Event at Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC Centre Court was filled with fans from all ages two days ago as SK-II had flew in Godfrey Gao, SK-II Brand Ambassador & Asia’s 1st Male Supermodel for the first time ever! Godfrey Gao, the acclaimed Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model has been making a name from popular Taiwanese drama such as Momo Love in 2009, Volleyball Lover in 2010 and many more.

The SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao urged millennial women from 22 years old to 35 years old that despite hectic and busy lifestyle, they should never compromise on taking good care of their skin. Where getting crystal clear skin is concerned, there is no compromise. Girls, he also shared with us that he is attracted to women that has good skin. So now you know.

SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao unveil Crystal Clear Skin No Compromise Event 1
SK-II recently conducted a survey and it was found that more than 2 out of 3 (71.7%) of millennial women in Asia agree that most women often compromise on certain priorities due to hectic lifestyle and more than one-third (38.68&) feel the condition of their skin is compromised from their lifestyle. This also include long working hours, the lack of time and this work commitment is the cause for them to make compromises in life. The key here to a healthy skin is by starting young, to drink more water and to commit to a beauty regimen as well as the usage of sunblock.

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Beauty News: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye, Crystal Clear Look Around the Eyes with “The” SK-II’s Iconic Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye
Latest research from SK-II laboratory points to daily fatigue and environmental stressors as the biggest triggers of the skin’s tipping point as the result of suffering on the delicate eye area due to current lifestyle choices. From SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence – fondly called ‘Miracle Water’ by loyal fans – now comes the prestige brand’s latest eye fixer, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye. The miracle formula combines the power of Pitera™ with the new Eye Albus Complex to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines, giving a crystal clear look around the eyes.


Crystal Clear Skin With SK-II Festive Gift Guide

The one time of the year where almost every human being in every living corner will keep their eyes open for attractive gifting set is definitely the year end as that is the best time to shop for worthy gift set for Christmas…or for any occassion at all. I know I am one of them 😀

This year is not exceptional. Every year we drool over SK-II festive gift set. This year’s gift set is rather different from previous years. SK-II know it takes time, effort and thought to find a suitable essential gift which is why these festive gift guide is specially created to help consumer. The best gift of all? The gift of Crystal Clear Skin – epitomized in its iconic product, Facial Treatment Essence.


SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence (RM519/215ml)

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Festive Packaging
This year SK-II collaborated with Swarovski Elements, the leading brand in premium crystal elements for a limited edition Facial Treatment Essence packaging. This limited edition Facial Treatment Essence come dressed in a signature print featuring Swarovski Elements’ iconic Xilion cut. It is an innovative crystal cut that offers utmost brilliance, intense sparkle and fascinating light effects.

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SK-II Unveil The New STEMPOWER Essence With Revolutionary Discovery of “Master Switch”, A Key To Activate Skin’s Youth Activity

In today’s society, age is nothing but just a number to some, and a state of mind to some. For the past 25 years, there has been various breakthrough research in the revolutionary field of epidermal stem cells that takes the anti-ageing world by storm. Today, in honour of over 25 years of epidermal stem cell research from the global scientific community, SK-II collaborates with top minds in the latest epidermal stem cell discoveries and unveiled it to the world on the latest revolutionary discover in its latest product – STEMPOWER ESSENCE.

The function of the skin cell’s very own “Master Switch” is the key to activate youth activity in our skin. This discovery is the first-in-the-world discovery. It is the key for women to overcome skin ageing by boosting the inner skin resilience through activating our skin’s “Master Switch”. SK-II also unleashes the power of our skin’s youthful activity with its revolutionary STEMPOWER technology, a technology that are found in the new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence. This essence also contain the power of Pitera™, an ingredient that is not a stranger in SK-II. Scientist had leverage over 7,900⁵ hours of epidermal skin research and proved that SK-II’s STEMPOWER Technology has successfully proven that age does not matter, now with new discovery pathways in transforming the source of our skin’s youth activity.