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Holiday Collection 2014 SK-II

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: SK-II Celebrates The Gift That Lasts & Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence by Taiwanese Digital Artist, Po-Chih Huang

Same as every past years, SK-II Malaysia came out with special limited edition Facial Treatment Essence bottle and this year the iconic bottle get a touch beauty by Taiwanese digital artist Po-Chih Huang who is the winner of the prestigious Taipei Arts Awards Grand Prize in 2013 and recognized as one of the top emerging artists to watch especially with his win in the most significant art prize for young artists in Taiwan. He has transformed the classic bottle with his signature artistic technique to create an exclusive collection for the iconic brand. Besides that gifting this year will not be completed with an array of special curated holiday gift sets.

This partnership is the first of SK-II’s efforts to support emerging young artists with idea stemming from SK-II’s belief in empowerment and transformation.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence 2014
The inspiration for this year’s collaboration was based on Po-Chih Huang’s innovative style of transforming beauty, particularly his creative technique of working with flowers to bring out the different aspects of their beauty. This effort coincides with SK-II’s philosophy of touching women’s lives through miracle transformations. As the theme evolves around beauty and vitality of flowers through transformation, this year’s collection celebrates everlasting beauty as a tribute to Pitera™’s transformative power as well. There are four types of flowers and colors all together and each of the design represents a different facet of beauty – passion, elegance, compassion and wisdom.

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A Quick Tour at SK-II Pop-Up Pitera™ House

Last Friday was the 4th day since SK-II Pitera™ House was strategically setup at The Square @ Publika Shopping Gallery. It is also the media launch day and I was there to be a part of this first-of-its kind setup as well as to give you a quick tour around the Pitera™ House.

This quick tour would be more on photos than words as I’ve already posted up all about the Pitera™ House at this link. Do click on the link because I’m giving away FIVE (5) SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml worth RM229 each. You only have three more days to participate. If not, I will be going home with all five bottles of the miracle water myself! *yummy*

Enjoy the ‘virtual’ tour! 🙂

SK-II Pitera House 1
What exactly is Pitera™ House about? Well, SK-II revealed that women have the power to determine the fate of their skin while having lasting crystal clear skin for many years to come with Facial Treatment Essence through its latest ground-breaking Skin Destiny Study. This study are now being showcased at the pop-up Pitera™ House. The theme is none other than #ChangeDestiny.

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SK-II Creates Malaysia’s 1st Ever Pop-Up Pitera™ House + Selfie Contest + Skin Destiny Brunch Workshops & Friend Bring Friend Promotion

Hope you’ve been reading the lengthy title because it’s going to be an exciting one 😀

Pop-up store is very common around all the shopping malls but a SK-II Pop-Up Pitera™ House? Now, that is a whole new level we’re talking about. We’ve only seen SK-II at it’s designated beauty counters or even at selected concourse floor event so to see SK-II embarking on a new adventure and to take it this huge is definitely worth visiting. The idea inspiration came from its ground-breaking Skin Destiny Study whereas SK-II is constantly looking forward to inspire women as well as men around the world to change their skin destiny and discover a future of beautiful forever. In order to do that is by showcasing this beauty revolution therefore SK-II will be setting up its first ever SK-II Pitera™ House at Publika (The Square) in Kuala Lumpur starting from 7th October to 14th October 2014.

SK-II Pitera House Publika Illustration
SK-II Pitera House Publika Illustration

In a new landmark study, SK-II researchers have discovered an intrinsic link between long- term usage of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and better skin quality as we age. Ideally, long-term users of the Essence who started from as young as in their 20s will enjoy a better skin in their 30s and also in their 40s. In comparison, 9 in 10 loyal users indeed have better skin compared to non-users in the same age group, with 7 in 10 users having better skin conditions as compared to non-users who are 10 years younger. This study conducted also revealed that it is never too late to change your skin destiny. It is true because I too started my skin care routine in the 30s. It’s never too late. Another study shows that women in their 50s and 60s who started using Facial Treatment Essence in their 40s still displayed significantly better skin conditions than non-users from the same age group. These loyal users’ skin age remained in their 40s and showed no increase in major visible signs of aging in their 5 dimensions in their 50s.

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Beauty News: SK-II’s NEW STEMPOWER Eye Cream, Targets 3-Point Eye Firm-Up for a Youthful Look

I just love eye cream. Some people skip them but I don’t. It’s one of the most important skin care routine for me. With the new SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream, age no longer matters. It is made to targets the 3 critical points around the eye to give a more youthful overall appearance. Age may be nothing but a number, but it is a number that starts to show first around the eyes – specifically, at three critical points.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream
A recent consumer study conducted by SK-II to uncover the key factors behind a youthful appearance showed that:

• 91% of consumers thought the appearance of their eyes determined how old they looked overall
• 93% agreed that eyes were the first part of their face to display signs of aging
• 90% felt they look older in the evening due to fatigue and damage

In the quest to counter signs of aging to achieve ageless beauty, SK-II presents its latest innovation to the award-winning STEMPOWER boutique – the new STEMPOWER Eye Cream. Combining revolutionary STEMPOWER technology with the specially formulated PAL-VB Complex, and Lupine-Alfalfa Extract, SK-II’s STEMPOWER Eye Cream works to ignite a chain reaction of beauty for a more youthful overall look around the eyes.

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SK-II: Discovering the secrets behind SK-II’s miracle ingredient, Pitera™

You see me talking a lot about SK-II here in Street Love but how well do you know about SK-II’s miracle ingredient – Pitera™? Most people don’t refer Facial Treatment Essence as Facial Treatment Essence or FTE but most people called it the “miracle water”. Either way, it is the same product that was developed 35 years ago and the formula have remain unchanged till to date 🙂

I talked about Pitera™ in my recent SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review two months ago. You can read my review on THE iconic product or you can stick around for more here!

SK-II All About Pitera 1_2
Following the discovery of Pitera™ by observation of the youthful hands of aged sake brewers, it sparks an inspiration for SK-II’s discovery of Pitera™, which is a precious ingredient legendary for its transformative powers. SK-II introduced its first beauty innovation – the Facial Treatment Essence back in 1980, launching a brand new category of beauty essences and took the beauty world by storm.

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Beauty News: SK-II Gives You Another Two Reasons To Have Crystal Clear Skin With Its Newly Launched Limited Edition Products

That’s right. If you are still not convinced yet with SK-II, now here’s another two more reasons for you and your man to have crystal clear skin.

For Her: Limited Edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

In this latest rendition of SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence bottle, the unparalleled perfection of an iconic crystal cut design is wrapped in luminous white – the colour of purity – in homage to the crystal precision and craftsmanship behind SK-II.

The limited edition design is inspired by a vision to bring out the brilliance in every woman. The bottle is dressed in a stunning crystal cut, precisely cut and refined to offer utmost brilliance and intense sparkle. The fascinating light effects is added to add to the radiance of the crystal to defy the limits of crystalline possibility. A series of masterfully-designed crystal silhouettes twines around the limited edition bottle in an elegant motif of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Give crystal clear skin to the women who most deserve to shine. The core of every SK-II regimen, Facial Treatment Essence is powered by over 90 percent Pitera™, crafted to enhance all five skin dimensions and effect transformation to crystal clear skin.

SK-II Limited Edition FTE