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Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Tool Umecare

Review: umecare Careroll Derma Roller

I’m a skin care junkie. I’d buy any skin care that I think is good. Even if I already have a targeted skin care for my concern, I’d ended up buying more cause I believe the more I apply the faster the result is lol. I’m a person who like to layer skin care on my face. But never in a million years I’d have thought that our skin only absorb 30% of what was applied. That was until I discovered a magic God-send tool called Careroll Derma Roller.

If you’ve read my review on umeSkin Analyzer last week, I mentioned that I bought Careroll Derma Roller at a special price of RM95 instead of RM146. At the moment the special price is still happening so if you like what you read, head on to umecare website ( and make you purchase!

The main reason why I delayed the review of Careroll Derma Roller is because I think it’s important for me to highlight to you the packaging inside out. After all you’re going to “poke” your whole face with it haha. And I was busy to take picture of it after I received the parcel. That’s why 🙂

On the outside, the roller is visibly noticeable. The box is hard and secure. Umecare staff took another precaution with securing the product with hard cardboard before sending out too. Thumbs up!


The back of the box is packed with bulleted information on the Careroll Derma Roller. I’m liking the huge 90% absorbency word already!

Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Tool Umecare

Review: umecare umeSkin Analyzer

I have something exciting to share! And that something arrived my doorstep last Friday.

If you read my previous review on the gift pack I received, I did mentioned that I’m interested with Careroll Derma Roller and umeSkin Analyzer as both are on special promo price. So, I bought it! I got the Careroll Derma Roller for just RM95 (normal price RM146) from umecare and I was also sent a umeSkin Analyzer for review! Yay!!

I’ve started using umeSkin Analyzer as soon as I opened the parcel. It’s addicting! I’ll tell you why.

There’s 2 color choices available which is white and pink.

And I was sent the pink one. I love pink :). I like how the item is visible through the clear window side on the box. The box is sturdy enough so protection of the item is definitely not an issue. Oh and the two item I received is also wrapped in a hard cardboard to prevent any mishaps during courier transit. Everything reaches me without a single dent on the box. Amazing. If you been reading my blog you’d know how I hate receiving dented product even if it’s the box. With umecare there’s no such issue. Yeap, I’m a perfectionist lol!

What is umeSkin Analyzer and how can it help you?
1) To understand your skin condition
Air-conditioned rooms, different working environments and different climates will affect your skin.
The Ume Skin analyzer determines the condition of your skin so you will know what should be done to improve your skin.
Valuable information such as your skin profile is provided just at your finger tips.

2) As a skin care product measurement tool.
It is a fantastic measurement tool for skin care product users to see the real performance and effectiveness of products.
It helps to determine the Right skin care products works best for the skin and save you time & money.

3) Convenience
Small and light with the size of a lipstick for Easy Carry, making it possible for the user to check and take care of their skin easily anywhere and anytime. Even at Home.

At the back of the box there’s a simple yet easy to understand description on the item. In my opinion you can also gift this to your besties / colleagues / your mummy without her scratching her head thinking the function of the gift!

Upon opening the box, I find that the skin analyzer sit nicely and securely on a plastic tray which is also covered. The package also include a landyard and an instruction leaflet.

umeSkin Analyzer is battery operated and ready to be use as soon as removing from the box as battery is already included. It’s small and light so you can bring this everywhere you go, in your pocket or even in your handbag.

To use, simply just remove the cap and press on the Start button (the one on the bottom) to turn on the skin analyzer.

Press the 2 contact probes on the area you wanted to analyze until you hear a beep. The measurement will appear on the LCD screen. In my case it’s 2 bar for Water, 2 bar for Oil and skin Roughness was on average :(. Overall moisture level is at 35%.

Here’s a step by step pictorial.

The umeSkin Analyzer can store up to 5 latest measurements, enabling users to recall previous check. The device will also switch off by itself if left idle for 15 seconds.

If you can see from the measurement on the device on top picture, my measurement was not so good. That’s because I didn’t apply any skin care beforehand to test this device and also to test a particular skin care out. But how do you read the measurement and what does it mean? Read below guide for easier understanding.

What’s great about this skin analyzer is that you can also use this to measure the effectiveness of a product. In my case I wanted to test out Clarins HydraQuench series. So after applying just only Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, here’s my new measurement! Pretty good I would say. My Water level is at 4 bar, Oil level is at 5 bar which is full bar, skin Roughness is at Softer than Average and overall moisture level is 44%. AMAZING! If you’re wondering why my Oil level is at full bar, well that’s because Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase has 2 layer and one of the layer is something like oil.

Impressive small lil device eh? This umeSkin Analyzer can help me to stop buying unnecessary skin care and just buy whichever is suitable for my concern. In my case it’s hydrating and anti-aging. I can now understand more on my skin condition before skin care and enhance application on concern area. I can’t wait to test out other skin care from my stash.

Coming up next week – Careroll Derma Roller review…

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.