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Beauty Products Expiry Online Calculator

Beauty Products Expiry Calculator
When I first started dabbing my toes into beauty, I kept buying and buying without realizing how important it is to keep track of all the product’s expiry date. As time goes by, I started doing research on how to read the codes on the products as not all products stated its manufacturing date or even expiry date on the bottle or box. I find it a bit dodgy that brands prefer to put some mysterious code that no one but only them will understand what it meant. Then I found Check Cosmetics. I first written a post on Check Cosmetics back in 2011. So this is like a newer version to the old post 😀

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Beauty Tips: How To Lighten Acne Marks

I’ve always said that having a well-hydrated skin is the key to having a good skin. I have said it many times here in the blog but yet I still make the first fundamental mistake. That, is to forget that acne marks took a long time to disappear due to dehydrated skin.

How to lighten acne marks
It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago when I paid a visit to Premier Clinic TTDI that I was reminded about how a well-hydrated skin will get rid of acne marks. I was like ‘God! How on earth did I forget about that?’. Indeed I have.

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Know Your Skincare: How much skincare product amount do you need to apply?

I stumbled upon an interesting article on Huffington Post yesterday that I thought I should share it with everyone here at Street Love. Often I was asked about the amount of skincare product to apply. Honestly I’ve been bad myself as I slather probably more than I should on my face. Yeap. I’m guilty of doing that. So to not repeat my mistake, here is an infographic chart brilliantly done by Tiara Chiaramonte.

Tiara Chiaramonte Skincare Illustration
For the full article elaboration of each skincare product, please visit Huffington Post. All we need to do now is to convert above foreign coin size to Malaysia coin size 😀


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Toner 101: Types of Skin Toners

Toner, or some company refer as lotion is generally used after cleansing but before applying moisturizer. This step is crucial as it act as a bridge between the cleanser and moisturizer. Many would skip this step thinking it is unnecessary or not important, just like how some people would skip eye cream, which they deemed as unimportant as well. I was one of the many a few years ago. I would skip toner but not my eye cream because I learnt about a simple fact on using a proper eye cream than relying on face moisturizer as an eye cream. Anyhow that is a totally different topic 😀

Toner 101
Today I’m going to talk about the basic of skin toner. I’m not going into extreme detail i.e. astringents, floral water, fresheners, herbal toner and so on. I’m going to cover the few different types of toner in basic. This is what you should know at least. I remember a few years ago I would skip toner because no BA would tell me toner is equally important in a skin care regime. They would tell me I can skip it as it doesn’t do anything to the skin. There are so many different types of toner or lotion available in the market. Do you know which one you need?

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Tips: How To Get Through Your Beauty Stash On A Faster Rate

Are you like me, hauling everything you see or read because it intrigues you? Seeing a good deal online *cough Luxola cough* that you just couldn’t resist? Or are you buying backups of your favourite just in case the brand decided to discontinue it one day? Guilty, guilty and guilty of that 😀

Today I’m going to share with you how I used up my beauty stash, not just using it up but getting through it on a faster rate. This is not something new. It’s just that we sometimes forget about the simplest way and that is using it. It is so easy that anyone can do it at home.

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