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Review: Neesya 3-Step Routine To A Brighter & Clearer Skin + Giveaway

Now, this Neesya 3-Step Routine review is something that I was looking forward to. By right it was suppose to go up before the first Neesya review I did a while ago. I am pretty excited about this one. Who doesn’t love a simple 3-step routine right? The different between both review is self explanatory. The one you are reading now focus on the basic 3-step skin care routine while the previous one focus on Neesya star products.

I know not many of you are into layering skin care like the Japanese or Korean. I am personally very much into skin care layering. If you are not, well good! Let me introduce you to a basic simple 3-Step Routine from Neesya.

Let me refresh your mind just a little bit on Neesya 😀

Neesya is a skin care brand developed and manufactured in Malaysia by Skinworkz Sdn Bhd, under the management of Chris Yong who is the CEO of the company. He is definitely one interesting and inspiring guy I ever met and talk to :). As you can see from the previous “after” picture, it is pretty obvious that I had benefited from the brightening and clarity effect from Neesya. I hope you will to!

Guerlain Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Toner Skin Care - Whitening

Review: Guerlain Blanc de Perle Promises a Brightening & Whitening Pearl Perfection Complexion

Now that I have improved on my skin texture and cell renewal rate it is time to focus on something else. Something that has been bothering me lots since many years ago. Most of you will agree with me that having breakout is a major frustration not because of the breakout itself but because of the marks left behind. It is so hard to get rid of them especially if you get continuous breakout waves like I do. To make things worse is when overall complexion is dull.

The secret of Guerlain’s signature aura since the 1830s is PEARLS. Pearl is a good example of miracle of purity and radiance that embodiment of total perfection. For many centuries scientists around the world have been trying to solve the mystery of the pearl. Guerlain was also truly inspired by this fascinating enigma. In 2011, Guerlain explored the pearl’s secrets for whiteness and radiance. La Maison Guerlain infuses all knowledge and all expertise into the Blanc de Perle skincare and make-up range and make-up. As a result the range – Blanc de Perle is a beauty routine with cutting-edge skincare  products, which now improvised and enriched with new formulas to make the skin even more translucent and luminous. Now in 2013 Guerlain reinvent a whole new whitening protection which is infused with new generation of protective, radiant skincare products and a totally new broad-spectrum approach. Guerlain has now unveiled its multi-layer protective technology with innovative “broad spectrum” protection – “SKIN SHIELD TECHNOLOGY” – which protects both tissue and cells.

Clarins Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Toner

Review: Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris

Happy Saturday everyone!

This week’s Clarins product review would be a basic product that all of us everytime after we washed our face. The product I’m gonna talk about today is none other than Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris.

There is 3 types of Toning Lotion namely Toning Lotion With Iris for combination or oily skin type, Toning Lotion With Camomile for normal or dry skin type and Extra Comfort Toning Lotion for dry and sensitized skin. I’m combination skin type so I’m using Toning Lotion With Iris which is the green toner!

Just like Clarins Cleansing Milk With Gentian, I own a few sizes of these babies. There’s 50ml, 100ml (no longer available) and 200ml which is the retail size.

Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris 200ml – RM90

This is certainly not a love at first sight toner for my case. The first time I sniff it I hated it. Poor Fennie had to changed the toner to White Plus HP toner which is more gentle on my nose. I can’t remember when is it that I took another sniff and it smelled so nice! It must be that during the first sniff I was having my monthly period that everything smells yucky to me LOL!!

The cap is screw-on type with a quite large opening for the toner to be dispensed onto cotton pad. The bottle is not slipper and stay firmly on my palm whenever I’m using it.

Normally I’d just tilt the bottle 2 times and it’s ready to be sweep onto my face.

Here’s some info from Clarins Malaysia website.

Beauty Benefits
Witch hazel, Sage and Aloe Vera in a refreshing toner that promotes well-being for the skin.

This alcohol-free lotion gently removes all traces of Cleansing Milk and stimulates and refreshes the skin while respecting its natural pH and moisture level. The skin is perfectly clean and ready for skin care products to be applied.

Apply after Cleansing Milk. Dampen two small cotton pads with Toning Lotion and lightly sweep over the face, around the eyes and over the neck. Blot dry with a tissue.

-Bioecolia: preserves the skin’s natural balance.
-Witch Hazel: astringent, purifies, refreshes.
-Aloe: softens, moisturizes.

Here’s what I think of the toner.

1) Huge bottle. Can really last for months with 2 application per day.
2) Smells good. In fact all Clarins product smells good!
3) Remove traces of makeup (if any).
4) Face feel very clean and fresh after application.

I can’t find any!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.