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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water: It takes time to get the rhythm right and once you got it, you start to tango

This, I did not expect. It wasn’t until I was handed a bottle of the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water just before Christmas that I found out this was going to be made available at Sephora. I would expect this to take longer to reach us but nope. It came far more earlier than I predicted.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water
The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water has been one of the most highly raved product when it was launched in the U.S. It is a BB (Blemish Balm) water aka foundation-like that has built-in primer water technology. If you are a fan of the Primer water, you know this is going to be your next favourite product. Smashbox said the technological feature is their breakthrough system that suspends pigments in H2O. This means, you get a BB that gives you a demi-matte finishing that hydrates your skin throughout the day, thanks to Photoset Polymers, taken from medical grade liquid bandage technology. Now, I do not know about you but all this sounds too techie for a beauty freak like me lol.

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Smashbox Limited Edition Holiday Collection 2015 Inspired by Artist Yago Hortal

Undeniably, Smashbox has become one of my favourite makeup brand ever since trying a few of their products earlier this year and end of last year. I still cannot get over the Double Exposure Palette even now. No matter how much I used the palette I still don’t see a dent on the pan. Awesome palette I tell you 😀

Now, I mentioned before I would not be able to do a run down on all holiday gift guide for 2015 like what I did last year. I will only be featuring holiday collection from press releases that I received in my email. Smashbox is special. I requested for the press release as I would love you to try out Smashbox and fell in love with it as much as I do 🙂

Smashbox Yago Hortal
The perfect holiday style is a work of art. This winter, Smashbox Cosmetics is teaming up with star abstract artist Yago Hortal to make your season bright with the Art. Love. Color. collection. Each limited-edition kit is features gorgeous shades and unique textures, giving you the tools you need to create your own masterpiece. Best of all, each kit features custom artwork by Yago, so it’s ready for gifting with no need to wrap. Gift them to friends with impeccable taste, or indulge yourself in a festive treat. Go ahead…let your imagination run wild. The concept? THINK: Art. Love. Color. No giftwrap required.

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Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review + Step-by-Step Soft Cut Crease Tutorial

This year I have not been utterly excited with any new or upcoming makeup except for the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette. Whenever I am at Sephora, I always stopped by Smashbox shelf to look and swatch the Full Exposure Palette. Now, this is something I don’t do as I’m not into neutral shade eyeshadow palette and somehow I was attracted to Full Exposure Palette as many YouTubers are raving for it. I was still pretty much in awe with it until Smashbox Malaysia telling me somewhere last year that there will be a new palette coming and that is the Double Exposure Palette. One of my favourite YouTuber Shaaanxo reviewed the palette and when I saw the shades on the palette, I was sold there and then. It is definitely not an all-neutral palette and there are a wider selection of light fleshy shades with purple and blue within the palette, which is right down my alley 😀

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette
The Smashbox Double Exposure Palette is a 14 shadows versatile palette that transforms into 28 as this palette are specially designed to be used dry or wet. This latest innovation is all about mixing it up.

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sephora Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation: A versatile coverage photo filter compact foundation for flawless looking skin

Every girl started their makeup journey with one particular product. I often spoke about mine, which was a 2-way powder foundation. I was on 2-way powder foundation for a good 10 years (and more) until I discovered the wonders of liquid foundation. Powder foundation out the window and hello liquid foundation! I have not look back since then. Yes the application time and steps are longer than using a powder foundation but the finishing is beautiful. To be honest, when I saw that Smashbox launched three new products back in April 2015, I was least excited with the Photo Filter Powder Foundation. Not because it was horribly bad but because I’ve grown out of powder foundation. Now, it is my most favourite new product from Smashbox among the three items. Surpise, surprise, eh? 🙂

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation
Smashbox signature packaging and colour has always been matte black. Don’t expect anything more than that because this is how Smashbox is. Simple, and black 😛 . I have no issue with the packaging except for powder finger prints on the casing. Then again, nothing that a wet tissue couldn’t do.

Make Up - Face Review: Make Up Sephora Smashbox

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: The lightest, purest, most refreshing primer form you have ever used

When it comes to new product release, admittedly Malaysia is far more slower in this matter. When reviews of the new Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water starts to pops out on YouTube, I figure that we need to wait at least a few more months (6 months maybe?) for it to be available locally. Imagine my surprise when I saw all Smashbox new products nicely displayed at the new Sephora Mid Valley store back in April 2015, I thought I was dreaming and I needed to take a double look at the shelf to make sure it is real!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
If you’re thinking ‘meh, what’s the hype on the primer water anyway?’, well it’s all because primer comes in a paste form and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is the revolutionary primer in the form of none other than…water! You know how the beauty world works. Give us something new, something fresh, something that no one have done it before and we all go berserk 😛

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Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer: High-lacquered color liquid lipstick that adjust itself to a stain

I’m totally a lipstick girl. I can’t remember when lip lacquer came around and took the beauty world by storm but I do remember I did not jump onto the bandwagon. I was not sure if it’s a lipstick or a lip gloss or is it something else. Lip lacquer can be in so many types and form. Some are a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, while some are just a liquified lipstick. Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer is a liquified lipstick + stain that I’m currently using. This product has a long list of claims up their sleeve. Does it live up to all of them? Does it beats every other lip lacquer in the market? Let’s find out 😀

Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer
Before I start, let’s talk about lip gloss. Yes, let’s talk about something that I’m not fond of using. I found out about something interesting while I was doing some research on Smashbox. The great-grandfather of Smashbox founder, Davis Factor is also the beauty legend known as Max Factor. Max Factor was the one who invented lip gloss way back in 1930. It took Smashbox decades later to improvised and introduces a totally new formula. And that is the one that you’re reading now! Isn’t that interesting?