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How to apply pencil eyeliner in 3-different ways

I’ve never been a fan of any pencil eyeliner at all. I gave up on pencil eyeliner a few years ago after wasting money on countless brands that never fail to smudge on me. Ever since I started watching YouTube, I notice that quite a number of beauty guru prefer pencil eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. It is understandable due to skin type and weather differences. So why are you reading this if I’ve given up on pencil eyeliner, eh? The story goes like this. I went back to work not too long ago and since it’s a different office environment, I no longer have the privilege to do my makeup in the office. So I have to rush everything in the morning and doing a precise eyeliner using a liquid pen is too time consuming for me especially when I’m doing my makeup in a dark room.

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite pencil eyeliners, tips, tricks and three different application method that you can master too.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes
I have oily lid so kohl or normal pencil eyeliner will not work on my lid. The only two brands and type that I find doesn’t smudge on me are Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes. I bought these from their 2014 holiday collection but fret not, these are permanent so you can get it from Sephora anytime.

Guerlain Hourglass Make Up For Ever Monthly Favourites Stila Wet n' Wild

December 2014 Favourites: It’s all about the eyeliner pencils

Soooo. I’ve totally missed October and November 2014 favourites. I went back to working life and I didn’t expect to be home that late and the need to work on weekend as well. For the past one month, I’ve totally missed all the usual blogging schedule. I’d be lying to you if I tell you I didn’t panic. I did. I tried adjusting my life back to blogging but I really couldn’t find the time. There was so much to do and catch up on weekend. I didn’t even have the time to take photo for the blog. It is a tough time for me so please bear with me for a little while more. I want to thank each and every one of you for the never ending support and love. You girls rocks! <3

Since I missed October and November 2014 favourites, I thought it only make sense for me to post up December 2014 Favourites sooner than expected otherwise I’d miss it again. This month is all about the eyeliner pencils. It really is. Until I started to dig out my other favourites to balance out the eyeliner pencil overload LOL.

December 2014 Favourites 1

Holiday Collection 2014 Stila

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Stila Cosmetics Holiday Collection

If you’ve been to Sephora lately you’d probably notice the handful Stila Holiday Collection 2014. I find them to be interesting this year and I have my eyes on a few sets too. So I took a casual browsing at Stila official website and found even more holiday sets.

Stila Holiday Collection 2014
Once again, bear in mind these information are extracted from Stila official website which means we may or may not get everything here. And also I could have missed one or a few sets as some holiday set are exclusive to other international store. Although I’ve stated in every of my Holiday Gift Guide 2014 posts that you have got to go Sephora to check yourself if any of the set that you had your eyes on are available or not and I still get lots of enquiry or feedback telling me you couldn’t find it. That is because Sephora Malaysia don’t bring in all of the set available. Hope this clears up something 😉

MAC Stila

Lil MAC and Stila Haul

Another 2 parcel arrived yesterday =)

First parcel is my lil MAC Limited Edition Adoring Carmine purchase.

I found a yellow envelope with handwritten “Thank You” on it.

Inside I found another Thank You note and my haul is in a cute Hello Kitty bag.

A closer view on the cute bag.

MAC Adoring Carmine Lipstick in Soft Spot & Lipglass in My Dear. These two is from Adoring Carmine #3 set [Neutral Lips]. I skip Real Treasure lipstick as it’s kinda dark for me.

The labels…

The lipstick is not as dark as the picture. I failed to capture the real colour. It’s actually quite light.

The colour is kinda like a light pink. Almost transparent I would say.

Swatches for both my purchase!

MAC Adoring Carmine lipstick smell is similar to cocoa butter and it’s not drying to the lips. I like it very much. The lipglass colour payoff is better and shinny. It’s sticky but not till the extend where you can’t wait to take it off. Quite moisturizing though. The smell is also like cocoa butter. However the downside is you’d get a white line on your inner lips almost immediately.

My second lil haul is Stila!

Stila Duo Eyeshadow in Tatiana & Single Eyeshadow in Kitten.

A casing is also included.

It’s not a problem if you don’t have the casing as the eyeshadow comes in a plastic holder. Both shadow is powder shadow. Light pink is with a few shimmer (I mean really a few) while purple is a dead powder colour.

Label on the back of the plastic holder is removable easily. You can stick it to your casing. And I did!

This is how the casing looks like. The black thing you see is actually magnet! I think the hole is for you to poke in if you want to remove the eyeshadow out.

Eyeshadow safely transfered to the new casing. I’m quite surprise the duo is not stuck together. It’s actually on separate pan.

Here’s the swatches. Colour payoff is bad. I have to swipe a few times for this swatch.

Stila Single Eyeshadow in Kitten. Bought this as a highlight and base for eyeshadow.

The casing is actually a metal casing.

Label at the back.

It’s a silky and shimmering skin tone shadow and colour payoff is superb!

I wore the duo eyeshadow today and I had problem applying as the colour payoff is just bad. My RM5 Daiso eyeshadow is way better than this. After a few hours the eyeshadow is not there anymore lol.