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Sulwhasoo’s NEW Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream EX

Sulwhasoo The Energy of Ginseng 7
Sulwhasoo has only been in Malaysia for a few years but the fact is this prestigious Korean beauty brand has 50 years of ginseng research under their belt! Wow.

Sulwhasoo focuses on holistic beauty and emphasised on delivering the beauty of harmony and balance together with Asian philosophy and wisdom. Not only Sulwhasoo now has new and improved signature anti-aging products, they also added two new additions of Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Series into their line – Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream EX.

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Sulwhasoo Debuts K-Beauty Makeup Collection; Celebrating Korean Beauty Trend of Natural Beauty With A Tinge of Colour

Sulwhasoo K-Beauty Makeup Collection
Sulwhasoo as everyone know is a well-known Korean skincare brand. Now the brand takes K-Beauty up a notch with the launch of its K-Beauty Makeup Collection. Korean beauty trend has always been adopting that dewy glow and natural radiance from within. The same concept are instilled in its makeup collection for a no makeup makeup look. However Korean version of no makeup makeup look is different from the US. Sulwhasoo are gravitating more to natural dewy flawless skin with a tinge of radiant colour.

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Beauty News: Sulwhasoo 2014 Limited Edition Shine Classic

Who doesn’t love a pretty makeup packaging right? I’m a sucker for anything cute, pretty, pink and exquisite design. What I didn’t know or realise is that Sulwhasoo special edition compact powder foundation – Shine Classic is released once every year since making it’s debut in 2003. This year, the focus of Shine Classic design will feature the Mother-of-Pearl, a modern reinterpretation of Korean aesthetics that combines luxury and tradition.

I just died looking at these!

ShineClassic 2014
Sulwhasoo collaborated with artist Hyun Kyung Lee in designing the 2014 Shine Classic. Hyun Kyung Lee uses small reactangular fragments of the Mother-of-Pearl for the design on the case, to envision a plum blossom design. To add a modern touch to the Shine Classic design, rectangular pieces which represents elegant Korean women are applied into the design to express a more natural and beautiful plum blossom rather than a plum blossom in curves. Translucent white plum blossom is placed on top of the background design to further enhance the natural colours of the Mother-of-Pearl. Pistils of plum blossoms are then placed right at the centre as a symbolisation of elegance and dignified beauty. This unique combination proves to be one contrast design.

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Beauty News: Sulwhasoo Charity Kit 2014 is BACK!

Sulwhasoo Malaysia will be once again pledging to help raise funds for World Vision through the sale of its Charity Quilt Kits for the year 2014. This year would be the second year that Sulwhasoo Malaysia is contributing towards World Vision’s Children Development Fund.

Sulwhasoo Charity Kit 2014
Each Sulwhasoo Charity Kit will be selling at RM139. Sulwhasoo Malaysia aims to raise RM20,000 with a target sale of 1,000 charity sets, which is double from what was contributed last year. I remember last year there was a shortage over the counter as everyone is buying a few kit at one time. According to Lau Shin Yee, Brand Manager of Sulwhasoo Malaysia, they are confident of achieving its sales target for its charity sets after seeing the overwhelming response it received last year.

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Beauty News: Sulwhasoo 1st Anniversary Starter Pack

To celebrate Sulwhasoo’s 1st Anniversary in Malaysia,Sulwhasoo will be coming up with a special 1st Anniversary Starter Pack at a jaw dropping price of RM250 for products worth RM410.

Sulwhasoo 1st Anniversary Starter Pack
Sulwhasoo 1st Anniversary Starter Pack consists of Sulwhasoo’s signature products. In the set you will get a FULL SIZE of First Care Activating Serum (60ml), First Care Activating Serum (8ml), Essential Balancing Water (15ml), Essential Balancing Emulsion (15ml), Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (5ml) and Sulwhasoo’s 1st Anniversary Pouch. Just so you might want to know, First Care Activating Serum 60ml is retailing for RM250 so you are paying for that bottle alone and the rest is free!