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It’s All About The Eyes: Talika Launched Lipocils Platinum®, Eyebrow Lipocils Ink and Eye Quintessence®

Talika Lipocils Platinum, Eyebrow Lipocils Ink, Eye Quintessence
Eye care. My favourite subject of all when it comes to skincare. Talika recently unveiled three of its latest new products catering to the eye area – Lipocils Platinum® a day and night serum for the eyelashes, Eyebrow Lipocils Ink a makeup product for the eyebrow and Eye Quintessence®, a day and night eye serum/cream for the eye contour area.

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You’re Invited! StriVectin & Talika High Tech Skincare Workshop

StriVectin & Talika High Tech Skincare Workshop
Okay girls. StriVectin and Talika will be having a skincare workshop next Saturday 12th September 2015 at the newly renovated Parkson KLCC Shopper Room and YOU are invited to go along with me 😀 . Seats are VERY LIMITED. I only have 5 slots for the morning session and 5 slots for the afternoon session.

Special for Street Love readers!

  • RM50 ticket will be waived. On top of that, you will get RM50 OFF with a minimum of RM250 purchase towards the end of the workshop.
  • Door gift worth RM150.
  • Receive full size products and attractive gifts upon purchase.
  • Hands on experience and personal consultation.
  • Exclusive sets with savings up to 45%.
  • Refreshments will be served.
  • And of course I’ll be there 🙂 

All you have to do is to register by submitting the form below before / on this Thursday 10th September 11pm. I will select and email a confirmation to you.


It will be a free and easy, casual and intimate session. Come join me! See you at the workshop 😉


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My Night Skincare Routine 2015: Slightly different from day routine but still focusing on brightening

Have you check out My Day Skincare Routine 2015 post up a few days ago? No? Okay, here’s the link 🙂 . You know what, thinking back at what a dear friend told me last Friday, seven products is still a lot. She’s right. Seven is a lot 😛 . But I do sneakily skip one or two sometimes so it wasn’t that bad for me. I plan to cut down more when I finish off a few more products. I don’t like to waste skincare. I usually finish everything before moving to another new product.

Enough of the babbling, here is My Night Skincare Routine 2015 as promised 😉

My Night Skincare Routine 2015
Night routine is one product lesser than my Day routine lol. What’s missing here is the weekly treatment products like scrubs, masks and so on. I also don’t include makeup remover in the night routine because I use them in the evening, not night before bed.

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Beauty News: Talika Light DUO+, Maximizing Light Therapy revolution to combat signs of aging with the new 2014 “High-Tech Home Treatment” device

I wasn’t a blogger back in the days where the past Talika Light Duo existed. So something as high tech as this Talika Light DUO+ home treatment device is new to me.

Talika Light DUO+ is the first complete rejuvenation program that was inspired by aerospace technology. Now, it does sound a bit scientific with all the aerospace talk and using light as a therapy in beauty. When I first talk about transforming light energy into cellular energy last year during the launch Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy skin care range, many of you raised your eyebrow. I’m not going into deep with how Talika revolutionised this technology. You can read all about it at Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy skin care launch article.

Talika Light DUO+ 1
Skin aging not only is about the sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone. But it also causes other symptoms like redness, skin discomfort and inflammatory at times. Talika recognized the need to fight all the multifactorial phenomenona so they developed a multi-action skincare technology – LIGHT DUO+®. This third generation multi-program light device is a especially created to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin.

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In The Media: Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012)

Red Tomato 1
I couldn’t fit the whole page on to the scanner, so please bear with half of the cover page ya


I’m a little late in documenting the milestone that I have make in blogging for Street Love but it’s never too late to start one 😀
Thanks to Talika Malaysia, I have a a brief fame in Red Tomato Issue #166 (30th Nov 2012 – 6th Dec 2012) on Lipocils Experts. Just in case you didn’t know, Red Tomato is the largest circulated free Chinese weekly newspaper. Prior before that, I was ask to participate in a 28-days challenge for Lipocils & Black launch and my result is one of the most visible one. So myself and another blogger get to put up a short testimonial on our personal experience in the newspaper.

Red Tomato 2

It’s in Chinese, I myself can’t read Chinese at all lol so here’s the English version which I provide for Red Tomato translation.

I have short and sparse eyelashes before being introduced to Talika Lipocils Expert. After using the product diligently day and night for 28-days I notice a drastic changes. My eyelashes are longer, thicker, stronger, darker and more curl. New eyelashes grew filling the empty space instead of falling out. The best part is I can still apply mascara like normal even after applying Talika Lipocils Expert. Now I have no more broken eye lashes and fall out everytime I removed my eye makeup. Talika Lipocils Expert really works.

More to come (I hope) 😀


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Top 3 Primer That Are Good As Perfector, Just As Good On It’s Own

Sooooo, besides feeling demotivated and falling off the blogging bandwagon a little bit…I’ve been rather adventurous too. The adventurous bug bite me when I was too fed up with having oil secretion on my face before mid of the day. That’s the downside of having oily skin 🙁 I started going through all my base products, digging them out from every corner of my room. I have this crazy idea of using primer over liquid foundation, before finishing powder for a better oil control. However not all makeup base / primer works. It must be something that is able to matte the surface after application. Here is my Top 3 pick of primer that works well as perfector :D. Let’s start from bottom.