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The Body Shop New Firming Ritual with French Grape Seed Scrub and Indian Turtle Massager

The Body Shop French Grape Seed Scrub 1
Everyone loveeee a good pampering session. Some like the spa, I can’t do spa as I’m scared of being tickled. Everyone who touches me feels ticklish. No kidding! So I’m not able to enjoy spa like everyone else. But, I do like to have my own spa at home. With summer right around the corner, I am excited to know that The Body Shop introduced a fourth regime to their Spa of the World™ range, known as The New Firming Ritual. This one brings you back to the nature with its fruit extracts from forests and vines blend. Refined texture, invigorating fragrances and with uplifting regime to empower skin, body and mind.

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Beauty News: The Body Shop Forever Against Animal Testing Campaign

The Body Shop Forever Against Animal Testing Campaign
As a part of the beauty community, it is important to help and support brands that are against animal testing in cosmetic products. It is equally important to be apart in spreading the awareness. It has become alarming to know that over 80% of countries worldwide have no laws against animal testing in cosmetic products and that most countries do not require safety data based on animal test but still conduct inhumane test on animals. There are other reliable alternative resources available and The Body Shop has step up in the beauty industry game with only using innovative and effective cruelty-free ingredients in their products.

The fact is, Cruelty Free International estimates that approximately 500,000 animals are still used in cosmetics testing every year, although no necessary. Rules on animal testing in cosmetics are currently patchwork, with legislation differing around the world leaving consumers ill-informed. Traditional animal tests have never been validated for their use in reliably detecting the safety of cosmetic products and ingredients. There are now modern alternatives such as artificially grown human skin, that are, in the majority of cases, as effective as the animal test they replace and have been validated by authorities.

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£1.30 From Each The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm Sold Helps in Building Bio-Bridges Around the World

The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm
Made with only 9 ingredients, The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm is a multifaceted all-purpose product with good conscience. The tell-tale story on how this balm came about begins in the Amazon. For centuries, Amazonian communities that have relied on natural oils to care for their skin. This oily and balmy Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm is made using 100% natural-origin formula of natural origin oils and waxes. It is said to intensely nourishes severely dry skin and helps to improve the appearance of skin marks. Be it whether it is tattooes, dry lips, skin marks, joints and many more other beneficial uses.

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The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Glides Over The Lid Oh-so Buttery Smooth

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes
I don’t think I have much prominent experience with The Body Shop cosmetic products. If you’ve been watching The Body Shop since many years ago, you would know that the brand had evolved in so many ways. And especially with their cosmetic range.

The Body Shop has quite an interesting eyeshadow collection. By collection I mean you can either customize your own palette to a mono eyeshadow, a quad or you can buy their eye palette and switch the shadows around. The one I’m talking about is Down To Earth Eye Palettes. I have heard so much good reviews on these eyeshadow and when I finally got around playing with the shades, I see myself nodding head in agreement. I have three Down To Earth Eye Palette quads – Go For Gold, A True Romance, Down To Earth – 03 and one mother palette, Down To Earth – Eye Palette.

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The Body Shop Makes the World a Much More Greener Place to Live this Earth Day 2017

The Body Shop Earth Day 2017 1
Yesterday was the celebration of Earth Day 2017 and just as the past 2 years, The Body Shop Malaysia in collaboration with Free Tree Society once again gave out 2,000 saplings of 25 different species this year at two different location; eCurve Petaling Jaya and Setia City Mall.

Last year I was invited over to join their celebration but I had another responsibility to take care of so I was absent. This year I am so happy that The Body Shop invited me over again for their third year in giving away free trees. Initially I thought I was going over to help them to plant some trees or at least to depot some plants for the visitors. I was so ready to get my hands dirty and I was even geared up in my sports attire for that 😀 . It turns out I do not need to do all that.

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The Body Shop Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Life-Long Dedication Campaigning Against Animal Testing with the Wildest Christmas Campaign Ever

The Body Shop Wildest Christmas Ever 1
Phew. Just when I thought I have seen it all, trust me when I say you have not seen all the Christmas sets until you have seen what The Body Shop has to offer for this year’s holiday collection. It is The Body Shop Wildest Christmas Ever!

This year, The Body Shop prepared a whopping of 88 holiday gift sets for you to choose from. What makes it more meaningful besides celebrating their 40th anniversary and life-long dedication to campaigning against animal testing is that each holiday gift set sold will go to restoring 1-square metre of the rainforest and the protection of endangered creatures in the forest. The fund will goes to building Bio-Bridges. Bio-Bridge is a natural corridor that re-connects damaged habitats such as critically endangered animals like Sumatran Tigers, Malayan Tigers, Asian Elephants and Sumatran Orangutans to meet their match. Not only The Body Shop will continue to protect endangered animals in Vietnam but they are also launching two new projects in Indonesia and Malaysia.

If you opt out paper bags when shopping at The Body Shop store, the brand will donate RM0.50 out BUT if you insist on having a paper bag, you will need to donate RM0.50 to the cause 😉