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Review: Checkered is not only for fashion but for the face too. Timeless Truth Functionality Mask knows how

Have you notice that I don’t review sheet mask? For various reasons, sheet mask is one beauty product that I don’t review. Main reason being the fact that I’m not fond of sheet mask as I find it not convenient for me when I blog on the couch at night. The second reason is that I don’t feel comfortable having a sheet mask slap onto my face for the whole wide world to see 😛

I have to bring you back to last year, just before Chinese New Year where I was approached by a reader to review a mask called TT Mask. I turned her down and she get the distributer company to approach me again. At that point of time I thought I can do it but from a different angle. Who am I kidding? How many angle can I think of when it comes to reviewing sheet mask eh? Silly me 😀 . Fast forward a little and I bought some mask to use and for just-in-case-I-decided-to-review-it.

Timeless Truth Functionality Mask 1
Timeless Truth Mask, which is also known as TT Mask was brought into Malaysia by TT Mask Trading back in August 2012. Timeless Truth Malaysia is the brand representative in Malaysia to support Timeless Truth’s expansion in Malaysia.