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Tips – How to get the most from your serum bottle


Normally we just throw away the empty bottle whenever it’s not pump-able anymore. We tried to unscrew the top cap but it doesn’t seems to work. I did the same for the first two bottle of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift as the bottle is vacuum type. Then on my third bottle I started to get adventurous. Since I’m tossing it away there’s no harm with force opening the cap. I mean what have I got to lose right?

Alright. It’s just 3-simple steps and you get the hidden serum out in no time!

First, make a small gap by tilting the cap to a side.

DIY Tips

Valentine’s Day Pillow Box DIY

For this year’s V-Day I decided to gift a few of my friends with a small gift. With this I wanted to DIY my own card but later on ditch the plan as the card that I wanted to do require some die-cut using a knife and it looked horrible as the section to cut out is roundish kind. So I changed my plan to DIY for pillow box instead.

All I need is art card paper, double sided tape and ribbon. First I print out the design which I accidentally stumbled upon last month from google. She have lots of wonderful and simple craft work which I absolutely adore. Instead of using a white art card paper, I’m using a sweet light pink art card paper. The design includes one complete pillow box and four sentiment  hearts (gift tags) for the front namely XOXOX, Happy Valentine’s Day, SWAK and Love, me.


After the design sheet is printed out, cut out the box around the edges, fold the top and bottom curve line, fold the tab on the side and use double sided tape to seal the box.

Earrings Tips

Simple Tip to Prevent Accessories Crystal Fall-Out

How many of you love those earrings, hair clips, rings or bracelets that have lots of crystal diamante on it? I do! And how many of you just toss them away when one or two crystal on it is missing?

I have a simple and easy solution that I’ve been using since a few years ago which I discovered when I was shopping for some hair accessories. I fell in love with a hair clip but decided not to buy it as the tiny crystal on it will fall out after one or two wearing. That’s when the sales person told me the secret. God bless her.


So. Recent I bought a few pairs of earrings and one significant pair is full with tiny crystal and pearls. When I was still deciding to buy the earring, I already saw 2 pairs with fallen crystal. As it was the last 2 pairs available and I wanted it badly, I just take 1 side each which is still in good condition from the 2 pairs and voilà! The pair that I bought is actually a combination of the 2 pairs (hope I don’t confuse you).

What is the lil secret that I was taught a few years ago? The answer lies in the below picture.

Clarins Skin Care Tips Tips

Tips: Depotting Leftover Skincare – Cut or throw?

How many of you throw away that tube / bottle / jar of skincare which you no longer could squeeze the last bit out?

I don’t.

If you’re spending a lot on skincare like I do (recently), then you should think twice before throwing that empty bottle away. Let me share with you what I normally do when the tube is no longer squeezable.

Here you have a tube where you’ve tried banging the content downward over and over again and finally it no longer works. You tried squeezing from top to bottom but nothing came out the nozzle. What do you do?


For tubes like these, I don’t keep. I’d cut it in 3 portions depending how huge or long the tube is. First cut is on the toppest part, then another cut after the middle line. What I do with the upper portion tube is that I’d use my a spatula to extract the content out and repeat the same process with the bottom portion where most of the content is at.