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Holiday At Japan Will Not Be Complete Without A Haul Of Their Must-Buy Tokyo Banana

Been feeling a little bit blue, a little bit down and a little bit unwell so I thought of telling you a treat that I got from my colleague who went to Japan for work cum holiday back in November 2013.

Who doesn’t know Tokyo Banana right? Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) basically are banana pudding flavoured custard sponge cakes wrapped and packaged in Japanese standards. The phenomena of this delicacies has quickly put it to be the number #1 souvenir of choice from family and friends who have recently visited Japan. This is the one thing I requested from my colleague to buy for me too 😀

Tokyo Banana 1
It comes in various design such as plain, tabby pattern, giraffe pattern, leopard pattern, plain with caramel banana custard and the new one is floral pattern with banana shake custard. Each design are available in various package such as 4 pieces per pack (¥500), 8 pieces (¥1,050) and 12 pieces (¥1,550). Plain Tokyo Banana is cheaper at 4 pieces per pack (¥470), 8 pieces (¥1,000) and 12 pieces (¥1,500). I kinda like leopard pattern but it gave me goosebumps so giraffe is the final choice 😀 . As a few of our colleague ordered it as well and it’s a bit troublesome to bring back, we gotten the 4 pieces pack.