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Trippin’ with Clarins: Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert Press Launch

Clarins Body Fit Launch Media Trip 1
If you are a Youtube regular, you would know the term trippin with tarte by now. For the past one year, Tarte has been sending Youtubers and bloggers out for several trips to a beautiful island. Never crossed my mind that I am going to be transported to a beautiful seaside trip for 2 days 1 night as well.

Two weeks ago, Clarins sent me an invitation email. I glanced through and saw that they are launching the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert to replace the existing Body Lift Anti-Cellulite. I thought it is just any other launch until I saw the date – 22nd to 23rd February. Then I re-read the invitation only to find out it is a 2 days 1 night trip to Port Dickson. Silly me. I also thought that my usual partner in crime friends got it too. Until one by one of them told me they did not get the invite. I already RSVP-ed for another product launch which falls on the same day as well. But it does not took me long to say yes to this trip. Reason? They have fitness activity and it is a product that targets body slimming. I cannot say no to anything that spells FITNESS lol. And off I go!

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Eat like a local in Penang

Eat Like A Local In Penang
You will agree with me, you cannot go wrong with the food in Penang. Malaysia is definitely the paradise for foodies all around the world and one place stood at the very top will be Penang! If you are looking for a slice of heaven, then let me assure you, you will want to take the stairway to Penang Island. This is the every foodie’s heaven. Penang has been voted more than once as the haven for street food. Sounds good? Just hop on the next bus to Penang already!

If you are still going to the regular eateries like Gurney Drive, you are not doing it right. Here are the top 8 eateries for you to eat like a local.

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Travel Made Easy with Traveloka Malaysia

Travel Made Easy with Traveloka Malaysia
Thanks to the internet that most of us can’t seem to live without, everything is just a click away. From getting your favourite outfit to ordering food online to even purchasing your gadgets online, the internet has everything, just search it up in the toolbar and you will be presented with thousands of options.

That’s not all, if travelling is what you crave for, getting all your travel preparation done from flights to hotel can be done online. (LIKE WHAT??). But if your wallet does not allow what your soul craves for, this is where Traveloka comes in like a superhero. Saving your day with cheap flights and great hotel deals that you can never find anywhere, let me repeat that again, YOU CAN NEVER FIND ANYWHERE, Traveloka Malaysia will surely be your ultimate favourite page (It has surely been mine).

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3 First Class Ipoh Hotels For Impeccable Retreat

3 First Class Ipoh Hotels For Impeccable Retreat
Wondering an exciting retreat for the next break? It’s time to steal a glance to Ipoh. The capital of Perak state situated on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia has a lovely nature and numerous recreational spots.

The nature of Ipoh is really shady and serene. Some of them even can be very adventurous. Aside nature, there is the Orang Asli village with their incredible customs.

So, Ipoh is worth to visit because it offers you a great retreat. Retreat in Ipoh may also flawless if you stay at the best Ipoh Hotel. Especially for you, this recommendation handpicked 3 first class Ipoh hotels for the impeccable retreat.


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