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Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes Mascara Toner

I accompanied my colleague to Watsons The Curve today and as I was walking out I saw something at Tsuya Tsuya shelf.

Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes Mascara Toner 5ml was retailing at RM5.90. Basically you just drop 2 to 3 drop inside the bottle. But something is very confusing. What is it? Look below.

The description at the back of this card said “when mascara has dried up, apply 2 to 3 drops on the mascara brush and slowly roll the brush inside the tube. Avoid pumping the brush for optimal results.”

Okay. So on the back of the bottle is another direction to use! It says apply 2 to 3 drops into mascara bottle for instant revival…

Which is which? Well I chose to put the toner into the bottle. Another info missing is the manufacture date as the expiry stated is 3 years from manufacture date. I’m not sure if it’s effective. I’ll find out tomorrow when I apply mascara 😉