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What I Wore Vol. 3

Ultron Minerva H&M Running Shorts
I have totally forgotten to update this series for the past 2 weeks! LOL. Sorry girls. Been a little bit busy. I thought I want to catch up with the series but then I figure I should post up a slightly different What I Wore edition for this week. Reason being, I went back to running. I bet you have no idea that I sort of been on a hiatus 😛 .

One fine day last week I woke up, had breakfast and saw that the sky is still cloudy and I said to myself “this is a perfect weather for a run”. And so I did. I changed and went to my favourite lake. By the time I jam my way and reached the corner of the park, the sun came out. What the… But no complain because I miss my multiple tan lines and I’ve been wanting to have them back on my skin. And I must admit, I miss all the muscles I developed from constant running 🙁

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Lifestyle Sunday: My First Ever AcroYoga Session at ULTRON YogaTron

Ultron Yogatron 1
To be frank, I have never heard of AcroYoga before. I have only recently started a little bit of yoga as cross-training in between my runs but I sort of get the idea of what AcroYoga is based on the name. AcroYoga, as the name suggests is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. It sounds simple but once I saw photos on what it exactly is, I cannot breath.

ULTRON, one of the known sportswear brand here in Malaysia held a Facebook contest a few weeks ago for ULTRON YogaTron with Patrick and Ardiana Nolfo who are the latest ULTRON Athlete, who are also the Founders of The Acro Yoga Centre in Montreux, Switzerland. I was lucky enough to be invited personally by Joanne Kay, Founder & CEO of ULTRON to join the session. I nearly could not make it as none of my friends are into yoga whatmore AcroYoga. Just when I was about to turn down the offer, my friend Kelly from Sunshine Kelly said she is interested to go and be my partner!

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Lifestyle Sunday: Ultron 5F Running Movement with Metafit HIIT Session

Ultron 5F Running Movement
Ultron 5F Running Movement is back after a month break due to the fasting month. It is back on now and back with a twist. Introducing Metafit HIIT session.

You must be wondering, what does 5F stands for? I did some scrolling for the past post from Ultron Facebook page and found out that 5F stands for Free, Fun, Fast Moving, Fat Burning Fellowship 😀 . The running clinic this time will be different as Ultron will be introducing an express 20 minutes of Metafit HIIT session prior to the run to train on conditioning the heart, strength and endurance. Details as below:

Date: 16th July 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik, Cyberjaya

To register for Ultron 5F Running Movement and for more information on Ultron, please visit or Ultron Facebook page. Limited pax only.