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Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

My First Personalized Vanity Trove Review

Looking at the current beauty box subscription services available in Malaysia, a different approach of business module is not optional but necessary in order to differentiate one from the rest. This is exactly what Vanity Trove Malaysia did. Change.

Just a few months ago, Vanity Trove announced a change in the game plan by stopping their usual monthly beauty box subscription service to a service that I called Personalized Vanity Trove. So what this means? This means Vanity Trove will no longer send out boxes to their subscribers monthly. This also means you will no longer be surprised with the content in the box.

I have blogged about the new service in this link but I have not go through the whole process personally. When the right sample popped into the product list, I got myself a box.

Personalized Vanity Trove1
Did you notice the new box? I was so surprised to see that I’ve gotten the new box design. This new design is more classy, more thicker and more harder too. I like that Vanity Trove maintain the simplicity design and of course the drawer box. I would be really sad if it’s not drawer box anymore :).

Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

Pick & Choose Your Own Beauty Samples With Personalized Vanity Trove

VT Personalize Trove1
The beauty box world had been taken into a whole new level now that Vanity Trove recently revealed that subscribers are able to customize their own Trove using the smart system of pick and choose feature. Vanity Trove have achieved over 100 beauty brand partnerships, over 10,000 new activities on in the past week and growing. They are actively amping up for expansion plans in the regions to set up the 7th country by the end of 2013.

Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

Limited Edition KOSÉ X Vanity Trove July 2013 Edition Review

After nearly a month of teasing in Facebook on the upcoming exclusive single brand box, finally the Limited Edition KOSÉ X Vanity Trove box reaches me end of last week.

This box would not be my first single brand beauty box that I received before. My first one would be the Astalift box back in March 2012 from Vanity Trove Singapore. To be frank I hated it because that time there’s no beauty box in Malaysia and I was really looking forward to try many different brand through beauty box. Plus I was still new in this beauty world. However I totally changed my perception on the second single brand box. It was the Kanebo box and God I love it!

Two months ago I was wondering about single brand box cause I kinda miss receiving such box once in a while. So when I found out that KOSÉ is partnering with Vanity Trove for their July box, I can’t wait!

Here’s the box. I know what you want to say but hang on to your horses and let me tell you what I think. Grandma story coming up!

Vanity Trove87
As this is a special single brand collaboration box with KOSÉ, this time there is a special branding on top of the box. Vanity Trove should do a belly band instead of double sided tape because that thing keep peeling off. But then…it doesn’t really matter 😀

Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

Vanity Trove “Obsessive Beauty” June 2013 Edition Review

I have been quite a fan of Vanity Trove‘s theme/tagline every month. Somehow they managed to came out with short and sweet theme that many doesn’t seems to pay attention but I do. Remember last month’s Awesome Wholesome? Yea, it’s really awesome :). This month theme is Obsessive Beauty. According to Valerie, internal or external beauty is very important to all, if not the most. Don’t you agree so? Beauty can be from hair to face to body or nails. That means this month’s trove would be more varieties!

Vanity Trove79
I’m currently into hair care products, as long as it’s not for colored hair and it’s not extremely small then you have my vote. I have seen L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo 100ml and Smoothing Masque 75ml before but never taken the initiative to buy and try. I was glad to see this duo in this month’s box so that I can finally try it.

Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

Vanity Trove May 2013 Edition – Truly An Organic “Awesome Wholesome”

Just in case you are wondering why is there no beauty box review last month up till to date. I am actually on beauty box break which means I will not be getting any beauty boxes for review at the moment until I am able to recuperate from all the overwhelming products laying around my room. I will still subscribe here and there as gifts but nothing for me.

This review is exceptional. I couldn’t say no to Vanity Trove. I’m a fan of…their drawer box *grin*. But of course besides the great hardworking people behind it and I admire how they work. I’m also in the midst of collecting their box to form a vanity drawer unit. Now that explains it 🙂

The May 2013 Edition was themed as Awesome Wholesome. The name rhymes I know. But Awesome Wholesome is all about organic. This would be the first ever box full with organic products that I ever received. I must say I’m pretty stoked with the content so far.

Vanity Trove70
You kept asking for full size?? You got it. In this month’s edition we get to see a full size product from a well-known hair care brand in the market – Schwarzkopf.

Beauty Box Review Vanity Trove

Vanity Trove April 2013 Edition “The Shower of Summer” Review

Last Saturday I attended the exclusive soft launch of Vanity Trove Malaysia high tea session whereas I was handed by hand the latest April 2013 edition trove. I always love to receive beauty box by hand because the box stays in tip-top condition that way.

Now, remember how everyone sort of meltdown on March trove? I melt down upon opening but then when I rethink again how tough it is to do a beauty box in Malaysia…I’m all chirpy again and I’m no longer disappointed. And remember how I said must have faith with them? Looks like the understanding and patience is paid off now when I saw the content of April trove.


This month’s trove comes with 3 full size product.