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Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Report and Haul

One of the most anticipated yearly event has got to be the one and only Estée Lauder Staff Sale, which I like to call it as the mother of warehouse sale. It is beyond just the massive discount offerings at the sale. To me it is the girly get-together day for me and my friends. It was fun!

I didn’t thought of writing about this year’s sale due to various reasons but since I skipped last year, I thought I might as well note down what went down this year for reference purposes. This may also serve as a ‘guide’ for you if it’s your first time on what to expect and prepare for the sale as I do receive loads of emails, PMs on Facebook on what to expect at the sale. It’s tiring to repeat again and again as I’ve written about it at this link as well.

Without further ado, here’s Estée Lauder Staff Sale for 2015!

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Summary
Every year I managed to secure a few tickets. I do not ask for a lot, usually just 4 tickets to prevent wastage. I know there are tons of you wondering how to get the ticket and some of you have been bothering or rather stressing and harassing me over emails and PMs on Facebook in giving you tickets. Yes. Not asking IF I have extra BUT demanding for it. First of all, I DO NOT WORK for Estée Lauder Malaysia Sdn Bhd. I too have to ask for tickets myself and I suggest you try it too. How? If you are a regular customers of any brands under the company, I believe you will have one BA (beauty advisor) that is particularly close with you. Ask from him/her! If he/she have extra, he/she will give you. However, no promise. It’s totally up to him/her if they want to give you. I remember my first year tickets was from a BA working in MAC. Anything is impossible if you try to ask. So please stop harassing me 🙂

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Top 10 Useful Tips for Warehouse Sales Shopping

Last Saturday was the Suria Meriang Staff Sales (now known as Estee Lauder Malaysia Sdn Bhd Staff Sale), also nicknamed by me as the mother of all warehouse sales was held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. Did I or did I not went for this yearly affair? Urrrmmm well, I did but I wasn’t allowed to publicise it so I won’t be telling you how it went this year. Oh bummer 🙁 . So instead I thought of sharing with you several smart shopping tips that I practised personally in order to constrain myself from overhaul or impulsive purchase. Warehouse sales newbies, you got to read this 😉

Top 10 Useful Tips for Warehouse Sales Shopping 1

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Luxasia Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Warehouse Sale 2013 Haul

I’ve heard of Suria Meriang Staff Sale. I’ve BEEN to Suria Meriang Staff Sale. It is the mother of all warehouse sales that everyone eagerly waited yearly. But have you heard of Luxasia Warehouse Sale? I have not, and I was extremely thrilled when a friend who is working in there whatsapp me about it and told me to go. She knew I love all the brands under Luxasia.

Here’s my total haul 😀

Luxasia Warehouse Sales1

Luxasia is the leading fragrance, cosmetics and professional skincare distributor in the Asia Pacific Region. Luxasia Malaysia has grown from strength to strength since its establishment in 1986.

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Suria Meriang Staff Sale 2013 Haul

I found out end of last week (12th Apr) that this year’s Suria Meriang Staff Sales is happening on the 20th April 2013 and I haven’t get any pass yet! I have only a week to get my pass and get a partner in crime. Quickly I sent an email to someone I know in Estee Lauder. She replied immediately, cc-ed the PR girl and told her to send me 6 passes. By Monday (15th Apr) I still haven’t heard from the PR and I dropped her an email telling her I can pick up those passes as I know they will all be busy preparing for the sales. You know what? The courier reached me in the afternoon on the same day. That was fast!

Suria Meriang17
This year I re-invited my last year sales partner, Chin Ching but she is in India and her plane home is on Saturday itself. Her sister who is a reader of the blog doesn’t have anything to buy so she is not interested. Last year both the sisters were so sweet that they wanted to send me something as a token of appreciation which I turned down. I had a good time shopping with Chin Ching and they owe me nothing. Nonetheless I’m happy with their kind thoughts. No one actually do that to me. Normally they would just ignore me after that.