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What I Wore Vol. 5

What I Wore Vol 5 2
Happy Saturday everyone! I did not plan to have a post up for today but suddenly, while I was rolling on the bed after a market run, I remembered that I sort of forgotten to have a What I Wore post up LOL. Yet again. I would be missing another week of update if I continue rolling on the bed so here I am.

This OOTD was quite recent however the dress is not. I bought two of the same dress several years ago for a steal. Two for the price of one if I’m not mistaken. I have one in turquoise blue/green and this one in purple. I have not wore this dress before at all, not even once until last year, when I lost 7kg from depression. It’s funny how depression changes you and fitting into a dress which I had for years but never worn is not something I expected.

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What I Wore Vol. 4

Zalora Water Colour Printed Swing Dress 1v2
Phew! Mid of the month was a hectic one with back-to-back events. After two days of bouncing from one event to another and another, I am officially dead tired. I wonder how other bloggers did it because I cannot even survive past 2 days! All the events recently doesn’t really require me to dress up nicely except for one day, where I was bouncing from L’Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi launch to Etude House Pre-Opening Party to Cars 3 movie premiere.

My dress choice of the day? Zalora Water Colour Printed Swing Dress, which I bought quite some time ago but only wore it briefly once as I cannot find my strapless nude underwear 😛 . So I had this dress for months but not able to wear it out as it is very sheer and only specific underwear can be worn underneath. Now that I remember to sort out the underwear, this dress is out to see the day light.

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What I Wore Vol. 3

Ultron Minerva H&M Running Shorts
I have totally forgotten to update this series for the past 2 weeks! LOL. Sorry girls. Been a little bit busy. I thought I want to catch up with the series but then I figure I should post up a slightly different What I Wore edition for this week. Reason being, I went back to running. I bet you have no idea that I sort of been on a hiatus 😛 .

One fine day last week I woke up, had breakfast and saw that the sky is still cloudy and I said to myself “this is a perfect weather for a run”. And so I did. I changed and went to my favourite lake. By the time I jam my way and reached the corner of the park, the sun came out. What the… But no complain because I miss my multiple tan lines and I’ve been wanting to have them back on my skin. And I must admit, I miss all the muscles I developed from constant running 🙁

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What I Wore Vol. 2

Something Borrowed Lace Bodycon Dress 1
I have a few beautiful new dresses in the wardrobe and one of it is this Lace Bodycon Dress. Tell you a funny story on this dress. I had three dresses in my shopping cart and I was checking out. I always pay for my dress purchases with my Paypal and that day, no idea what is wrong with me that I decided I wanted to make payment using my Maybank account. So I hit the go back button and the page went missing. Then I saw the so-called order in my account with “payment pending” on it. I clicked on the order, didn’t see any button to click so I could make payment and I wanted to re-add all the dresses into my cart so I could reorder. This Lace Bodycon Dress was the last piece so I wasn’t able to find it anymore. I called Zalora as I was desperate. Here’s what’s interesting. I was told the order did not went through (as I expected as I didn’t pay for it) and there is no way they could “release” this dress back into the market from their end. All I can do is to wait 4 hours for the system to auto-refresh. If I still didn’t see it in 4 hours, that means it will take 24 hours. Oh my gosh!

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What I Wore Vol. 1

Fiona Crocs
I meant to start a What I Wore series after mentioning briefly about it in my Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses post some time ago. It was supposed to be called Favourite Look of the Week, then I realized it’s harder for me to do it once a week. So, instead of choosing one favourite look from the entire week, I’m going to post one by one (if any). Hence this What I Wore series 😀

I have so many looks I wanted to talk about and I keep on forgetting about it. Let’s start today’s series with a simple one. A current casual wear which I have been sporting every now and then.